Runal Dahiwade

Runal Dahiwade is a motorsports fanatic, plays rugby religiously and loves to bike. The face of Times Ascent Engineering Mastermind over the years, Runal has built a considerable presence on TV shows with his affable personality and continues to charm the audience with his quick wit. At QuizWorks, he is responsible for the complete operations of Western India.

Daksha Ballal
Chief Operating Officer

Daksha oversees all business operations at QuizWorks and is passionate about creating engaging content that drives business results.

Just as he is passionate about Manchester United, trekking, spy thrillers and anything else that keeps him ‘content’.

Raj Dam
Head - Sales and Marketing

Assam Tea. Check.

Football. Check.

Raj’s responsibilities are primarily on developing the QuizWorks brand, managing current service offerings as well as to provide strategic direction to the company.

Raj Dam

Raj Dam is known for his fair play towards the teams on stage and a gripping audience engagement. Over the years, Raj has hosted quiz shows for companies such as Times of India, PUMA, Accenture, Deutsche bank, Central Bank of India, Pernod-Ricard and educational institutions such as IIM-K, LIBA, IFIM, SRM University and many more.

Miraj Vora

Miraj is the only Gujarati quizmaster in the country because he spent his childhood in Calcutta. With over 100+ shows for corporates and academia, this Goldman Sachs alumnus regales audiences across the spectrum.

Rohit Nair

Rohit Nair has hosted over 500 Quiz shows across schools, colleges and multinational corporations. Having hosted quizzes on leading TV Channels such as CNBC and Times Now, Rohit has emerged as one of India’s finest entertainers. On stage, he is known for his exuberance and wild sense of humour.