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Puma – The Great Gunners Challenge

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As part of their co-branding exercise with Arsenal FC, PUMA launched a series of new merchandise across all their retail stores.

The Challenge

Puma needed to train their retail sales reps on the new merchandise and best sales practices. The team was geographically spread across 20 Indian cities and the Puma management emphasized on a go-to-market time of less than 3 weeks.

Puma’s regular approach to train employees utilising classroom training was producing less than desirable results.

The Solution

QuizWorks deployed Playday, its gamified training product, for 400+ Puma retail employees. A football based game journey, titled ‘The Great Gunners Challenge’, was designed, which consisted of modules related to the history of Arsenal, PUMA Merchandise and Best Sales Practices. The challenge was open for 7 days where employees could learn and compete against one another.


90% adoption rate.

81% of the employees completed the entire training module.

82% of them attained the learning benchmark set by Puma.

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