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Microsoft Completely Boss Challenge

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Microsoft India wanted to target SME owners to creating specific awareness and experience around Microsoft Office 365 products, services, its idea, usage and positive impact on their business.

The Challenge

Microsoft India approached QuizWorks for a concept note to implement the design of “Completely Boss Challenge”- an initiative aimed at identifying the country’s top SME owners.

The Solution

As phase 1 of the contest, an online contest was designed for selecting the top 50 SME owners at Pune, Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad and Chennai. Registrations were captured at site where a subjective profiling of the owners was also done.
As phase 2 of the contest, SME owners were subjected to different levels of assessment and engagement. The phases consisted of a GK quiz, Microsoft Office 365 quiz and an Escalator Pitch. Cumulative scoring was administered to decide the Top 3 winners. Quiz was held on Office 365 software to help SME owners familiarize with Microsoft software.


The online contest drew participation of over 1500 entries.
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