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Johnson and Johnson – Stars of Sterrad

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Johnson and Johnson – Stars of Sterrad


J&J conducts workshops to highlight the features of its Advanced Sterilization Products and its consumables among the technicians at medical institutions.

The Challenge

The workshops conducted were low on engagement and learning. J&J approached QuizWorks to increase the learning effectiveness and engagement of the module.

The Solution

An engagement plus learning module titled “STARS OF STERRAD” was designed. The day long programme consisted of ‘gamified’ sessions where each session was followed by an assessment. Each session was presented as a quest/challenge that medical technicians need to overcome in order to complete the workshop. This methodology helped in re-enforcing the key learning outcomes of each session.


The programme increased learning by 70%. The gamified conferences were held in Hyderabad, Kochin, Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore.
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