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IBM The Great Mind Challenge

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IBM The Great Mind Challenge (TGMC) is an annual nationwide software development competition, created by the Academic Initiative of IBM. The competition currently takes place in India, Israel, China, Ireland and Switzerland.

The Challenge

IBM had successfully initiated The Great Mind Challenge in 2004 across India. Though the competition received great participation in the initial years, IBM wanted to drive higher adoption and engagement about the event among third year and final year students in engineering colleges, thus receive higher participation for their open source software competition.

The Solution

QuizWorks teamed up with IBM’s Academic Initiative team and designed a contest as a precursor to The Great Minds Challenge. As a part of this contest, QuizWorks ran a series of three online quizzes and 4 offline quizzes in Pune, Bhubaneshwar, Chennai and Bangalore.
The quizzes were designed to cover topics ranging from technology currents affairs and general technology trivia to current technology trends and IBM tools.


The quizzes, designed and delivered by the QuizWorks team, had a strong flavor of cutting edge IBM applications which helped increase the awareness of IBM technology software and solutions among the young engineering graduates. With 2000+ engaged participants through the quizzes, IBM increased their paper submissions for The Great Mind Challenge and also successfully established IBM TGMC as the most recalled Campus event in India according to the AC Nielsen Campus Track!
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