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Genpact India -The Grand Banking Mastermind

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Genpact India -The Grand Banking Mastermind


Genpact India wanted their senior leadership to understand the functionalities and the latest developments occurring in the banking industry.

The Challenge

Genpact approached QuizWorks to devise a module that would help in disseminating knowledge and serve as an engagement platform. Hence, “The Grand Banking Mastermind” was created.

The Solution

This quiz was centered on latest developments happening in the world of banking, finance and economics. It was primarily centered around the US, European and Australian sectors- the 3 prominent sectors that Genpact caters to. The quiz was opened to AVP’s and Senior Managers at their Jaipur and Noida branches. An online prelim was held followed by a Quarter Finals and Semifinals at each location. The National Finals were held at Delhi.

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