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Gamified Product Training for Microsoft Employees

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In the face of growing competition in the mobile phone OS market, Microsoft India needed to train the Retails Sales Personnel (RSP) and Store Managers at retails stores in Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai and Hyderabad to drive adoption of Windows Based phone.

The Challenge

The existing mode of training was very formal, outdated and non-interactive with workshops being conducted.
To make this workshop engaging and have a high recall value, QuizWorks was approached by Microsoft India to ‘gamify’ the content and increase learning effectiveness.

The Solution

RSP’s and Store Managers were invited to a centrally located venue at each of the cities. They were subjected to a system of alternate learning and people engagement through the medium of content gamification. An ice breaker activity, a pre-assessment quiz, a 90 minute training session, followed by a post-assessment quiz was held illustrating the various nuances of Windows OS. This initiative was designed to increase their general awareness of Windows Phone Operating System and to enable them to handle customer queries.

The quiz was structured around the popular “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” show.


This informal mode of learning resulted in an increase of learning by 80%. Over 200 RSP’s were trained across each location and RSP Champs were identified.

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