Tata Crucible Campus Edition [email protected]

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Venue:- Taj Palace

Date:- March 24th


  1. On which airline would you find “On the wings of dragon”?

Ans:- Royal Bhutan Airways/ Druk Air

  1. Which company ran a social media campaign recently “Your name on a Bean”?

Ans:- Heinz

  1. Simon, launched in 1992 was a part mobile phone, part PDA, part pager and part fax machine. Which technology giant launched this device?

Ans:- IBM

  1. Who is the author of “Essays on The Great Depression”?

Ans:- Ben Bernanke

  1. Ganesh & Ratan Jain founded this as a cassette company in the early 1980s. It was quite popular during the 80s & 90s. Which brand from the music industry are we referring to?

Ans:- Venus

  1. Which company has launched a new JV in the Indian market branded as “Telewings Communication” with Sudhir Valia’s Lakshdweep Investments & Finance as its partner?

Ans:- Telenor

  1. This US University is named after a fervid Anglican who served in the British East India Company as the Governor of Fort St. George of Madras. In 1718 he donated nine bales of goods to build the new building of that college which eventually renamed the college after him. Which University are we talking about here?

Ans:- Yale University

  1. Which Indian group bought 49.5% in BPO Firstsource for Rs. 400 crore from ICICI Bank?

Ans:- RPG Group

  1. “No matter what you want to do in life. Life takes” Ad by which credit card franchise?

Ans:- VISA

  1. In world of environmental legislation parlance, what does WEEE stand for?

Ans:- Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment

  1. TTK group & Reckitt Benckiser are going through a legal battle over control of their JV TTK-LIG. Expand LIG.

Ans:- London International Group

  1. Britain’s Penguin Books and another English language publisher recently decided to merge. Which another publisher?

Ans:- Randomhouse

  1. With which coffee chain’s origin was Amit Judge-controlled Turner Morrison involved in? The company has changed hands since being acquired by an Italian company. Identify.

Ans:- Barista Lavazza

  1. Nokia’s wireless charging device for Lumia 920 ran into controversy over naming over the bombing of Japanese cities Hiroshima & Nagasaki. Name the device.

Ans:- Fatboy

  1. This company was incorporated in 1997 as “Teleworld, Inc.” by Jim Barton & Mike Ramsay. Which company involved in the field of digital video systems?

Ans:- TiVo

  1. Who owns the ships The Esperanza, The Arctic Sunriseand The Rainbow Warrior III?

Ans:- Greenpeace Organisation

  1. Robert L “Rusty” White called Twentieth Century Confederate in order to advertise his collection of Rolls Royce & Civil War memorabilia.  Which is this luxury lifestyle magazine?

Ans:- Robb Report

  1. Through the “Million Minds” project, this German chemical company is encouraging the citizens to take a stand against corruption. Which company?

Ans:- BASF


  1. Ishit Gupta & Chirag Jain: Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies
  2. Kumar Varun & Raveesh Mayya: FMS, DU
  3. Gaurav & Sapan Gandhi: School of Inspired Leadership
  4. Anuj & Himanshu: IIFT
  5. Sunil & Rachit: JNU
  6. Arun TP & Hemant Agrawal: FMS, DU



Round 2:

  1. Which organisation has developed “High Bandwidth Content Protection”?

Ans:- Intel

  1. Mission Nutrition, Talking Tony, Coco the Monkey are games by which company?

Ans:- Kellogg’s

  1. “Ridotto” is a wing of Venice’s San Moise Palace. In 1638, it was converted at the behest of city leaders into government owned _____. It is the earliest example of such type. What?

Ans:- Casino

  1. In April 2011, Kiwi shoe-care business was sold to S.C. Johnson by which company?

Ans:- Sara Lee Corporation

 Round 3:-

  1. Tata Docomo has CRBT. What does it stand for?

Ans:- Caller Ring Back Tone

  1. Where is theTata Dhan Academy for development management training and education located?

Ans:- Madurai

  1. E&E Service solution, a TATA company, serves in which line of business?

Ans:- HR Outsourcing

  1. Mega, Zip, Kiosk stores are formats of which chain?

Ans:- Chroma

Winners: Arun TP & Hemant Agrawal: FMS, DU (Score 50)

Runner ups: Kumar Varun & Raveesh Mayya: FMS, DU (Score 35)

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