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Date:- March 23rd

Some quizzes are great due to the content they carry. Some quizzes are great due to the sheer presence of an entertaining quizmaster. Some quizzes are great due to the magnitude of prizes. One quiz that packs them all together is the TATA CRUCIBLE CAMPUS EDITION. The presence of 240 teams at this year’s edition bears testimony to the fact that this is the ultimate business quiz. Bangalore has always witnessed tight finishes at such events and it was no different this year when the defending Bangalore champions IIM-B staged a comeback and pipped BMS College of Engineering in a tie-breaker to book their place in the zonal finals. It is another matter that they steamrolled their way into the national finals with a comfortable win at the zonal finals. Here are the prelims questions:-

  1. The Live Brilliant global brand campaign was started in 2012. It was an extension of the ”Modern Premium” way of thinking. Which company is behind this campaign?

Ans:- Hyundai

  1. Which multinational pharmaceutical company has a blog called “LABTALK”?

Ans:- AstraZeneca 

  1. Identify

Ans:- Aditya Puri

  1. Which company’s first logo had a woman sewing in picture and a capital S?

Ans:- Singer

  1. Identify.

Ans:- TK Kurien

  1. ____ is the holding company of A&W, All American Food Restaurants and Long John Silver.

Ans:- Yum! Brands

  1. “The Little Book Things” is a book written by which famous management guru?

Ans:- Tom Peters

  1. Hello Money- the revolutionary mobile banking service is to be introduced in India by which bank?

Ans:- Barclays

  1. Which company launched BoxTV.com recently- a concept similar to that of Hulu.com and Netfilx?

Ans:- Times Of India

  1. Which is the corporate wing of ISRO with clients such as Star News, NDTV, Boeing, TV18, EADS, Aaj Tak, CNBC TV 18 etc?


  1. Horizon Ventures, a Hong Kong based company, focused on early stage funding in companies in field of telecommunications, media and technology.  Its notable investments are Facebook and Spotify. Who is the owner of Horizon Ventures?

Ans:- Li Ka-shing’s

  1. Which Indian was involved in the “garbage gate” scandal?

Ans:- LN Mittal

  1. Which famous guru wrote the book “The Leader in Me- How schools and Parents around the world are inspiring greatness”?

Ans:- Steven Convey

  1. Which of these ad gurus coined the “Only Vimal” slogan and Raymond’s “Guide to the Well Dressed Man”?     a) Piyush Pandey  b) Frank Simoes  c) Alyquee Padmasee

Ans:- Frank Simoes

  1. Which company is behind the “camapignforallrealbeauty.com”?

Ans:- Dove

  1. “Where have all the leaders gone” is a book by which legendary Auto-Executive?

Ans:- Lee Iacocca

  1. Born on May 27, 1794, this person began a passenger service with one steam boat. It was provided as a ferry to the Railways. He went on to control the Hudson River Traffic and built the first rail service between New York and Chicago. Who are we talking about?

Ans:- Cornelius Vanderbilt

  1. Which online ticketing platform was established by Phanindra Sama, Sudhakar Pasupunuri and Charan Padmaraju?

Ans:- Redbus

  1. Which is the flagship retail store of Mahindra that deals with infant and maternity care?

Ans:- Mom&Me

  1. Identify the advertiser.

Ans:- The Economist


  1. Back in 1966,. this person was credited with creating the European neck tie.

Ans:- Ralph Lauren

  1. A division of United Technologies, it focuses on commercial refrigeration.

Ans:- Carrier

  1. “To rise around the world from Asia” is the tagline of ___

Ans:- KIA motors

  1. Founded in 1907, with Swedish Patent 25406, its expertise is in rail bearing.

Ans:- SKF Group

  1. This brand has ranges such as Xeno, Cool Waters.

Ans:- Davidoff

  1. Started as an app by Keith Shepherd and Natalia Luckyanova and developed by Imangi Studios

Ans:- Temple Run

  1. The trademark is usually written  in the classical Latin Alphabet (where V = English U), and is derived from the surname of the company’s Greek founder, Sotirios Voulgaris


  1. Its subsidiaries are Canal+ and Universal Music Group

Ans:- Vivendi

Top 6 teams to qualify for the finals were:-

  1. MES  Degree College
  2. RVCE
  3. IIM-B
  4. BMS
  5. ICAI
  6. East West Institute of Technology


Round 1:-

  1. What is the significance of this image with respect to Greenpeace?

Ans:- Their symbolic protest against Kimberly Clarke for continued destruction of forests. endangering the orangutans, while producing Kleenex tissues

  1. Arla Foods undertook a repackaging exercise to commemorate what?

Ans:- To commemorate “Earth Hour”

  1.  Identify the blank

Ans:- Newman

  1. What is this practice called as?

Ans:- Dredging

  1. Who is the advertiser?

Ans:- Old Spice

  1. Which company?

Ans:- Bubba Gump company that appears in the movie “Forrest Gump”

Round 2:-

  1. Vidica, a natural mountain water, is an ingredient for which Indian mineral water company?

Ans:- Bisleri

  1. Founded in 1939 as an electronics company, it was formed as a merger of Shibaru and Denki.

Ans:- Toshiba

  1. This company is now a business unit of Mc Graw Hill that is into marker research

Ans:- JD Power Associates

  1. Milton Bradley, Playskool and Parker Brothers are all owned by?

Ans:- Hasbro

Round 3:-

  1. What did PT John develop for TATA?


  1. Founded in 1968 to manufacture steel mill rolls.

Ans:- Tayo Rolls

  1. VOLTAS was taken over from TATA’s in 1997 and returned to them in 2003. Which group briefly owned them?

Ans:- Electrolux

  1.  Premium Granite is a subsidiary of this company which is into electrical manufacturing.

Ans:- Voltas

Round 4:- 


Clue 1: When King Edward visited Madras, they had the sole right to supply their products to him

Clue 2:- Its first publication ‘Sweet Dishes: A little Treatise on Confectionary’ by Wyvern came out in 1884.

Clue 3:- Ownership has changed twice from Associated Publishers to Amalgamated Group.

Ans:- Higgin Bothams


Clue 1:- It was established in Bangalore in 1940 by Seth Walchand Hirachan to produce military aircraft and was encouraged by the Kingdom of Mysore.

Ans:- HAL


Clue 1:- Established in 1950’s, it was the first restaurant to have a jazz band and an air-conditionig hall

Ans:- Koshys restaurant


  1. An ex-American army man who went on to create “Polo”

Ans:- Ralph Lauren


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