Tata Crucible Campus Edition [email protected] Zonal Finals

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Date:- March 23rd

In a new format, the winning teams from South Indian cities squared off in the Zonal Finals. The stakes were increased and the fact that all questions were played on buzzer gave no rest to the teams. IIM-Bangalore, who had just made it through to the Zonals by the closest of the margins, were impressive from the start and were never in pressure. The battle was left for the second spot- 5 teams were still with a chance of securing a place in the National Finals. That honour eventually went to ICAI, Chennai. These were the teams at the Zonal finals:-

ICAI, Chennai
AUCBM, Hyderabad
Sastra University, Trichy
TAPMI, Manipal
GEC, Trissur
NIT, Calicut
Amrita School of Engg, Kovai

Some of the questions were:-

  1. Which Portuguese agent has Jose Mourinho, Angel Di Maria and Cristanio Ronaldo as his agents?

Ans:- Jorge Mendez

  1. Which singer established “AudioTrax”?

Ans:- Chitra

  1. It is a new field of Market Research that studies consumers’ sensorimotor, cognitive, and affective response to marketing stimuli.

Ans:- Neuro Marketing

  1. An Estee Lauder brand, it became the first women’s cosmetic company to launch a line called “Skin Supplies for Men”

Ans:- Clinique



  1. Envisaging bio-units in the Kutch area, Project Annapurna is an initiative by which company?


  1. TATA MOTORS and Chevy Motors are in a joint venture to produce Land Rover in which country?

Ans:- China

  1. NREC was a TATA company in 1940 when it enjoyed huge success for producing 3 valve radios that was popularly called as “People’s Set”. Expand NREC.

Ans:- National Radio Equipment Company

  1. “Heartbreak of a trust” is a book by?

Ans:- RM Lala

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