Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2013 at Jamshedpur

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Exhilarating. Exuberant.Exciting. 3 words to sum up TATA Crucible at Jamshepdur. According to Picbrain, clad in an ethnic red kurta, the cutoff for Jamshedpur prelims was the highest this year,yet. And due to very tough competition ( the difference in prelim scores between the top 16 teams was just 1 mark),  the quizmaster decided to have two wild card rounds!

The teams that made up to the finals were:

ISM Dhanbad


NIT Rourkela

IIM ranchi

and two teams from XLRI

XLRI emerged as the winner, scoring in each and every round consistently, follwed by IIM Ranchi. XLRI, despite knowing the last answer, kept their hands off the buzzer to let the other teams fight for the second spot-a true quizzing spirit!

And now all the questions:-


  1.  Which production company has recently made great profits from its two movies- Dabangg and Dabangg 2 ?

Ans: Arbaaz Khan Productions

  1. Which MaharAtna company in India began in 1975 as a holding company and has the following subsidiaries:

Bharat Coking Coal Limit  ,Central Coalfields LimitedWestern Coalfields Limited,Eastern Coalfields Limited,Central Mine Planning and Design Institute Limited.

Ans:- Coal India

  1.  Book by?

Ans : Howard Schultz

  1. Nelson Rockfeller founded a oil distribution company in 1870 that grew to be the worlds first major MNC. The company controlled 90% of the oil trade in America by the 1890s and caused the US government to create antitrust laws to breach its monopoly. Which company?

Ans: Standard Oil

  1. Identify the logo

Ans:- Pidilite 

  1. “Versatile by Nature” is the tagline of which automobile major?

Ans:- BMW

  1. When asked by a HUL employee he said, “I don’t want to start a flurry of excitement by saying I use Pears soap or whatever it is. I might get some of your brands wrong and mention the dishwasher liquid we use and find it’s made by your competition”. Who said these words?

Ans:- David Cameroon

  1. What is the Full form of FRMB Act

Ans: Fiscal Responsibilty and Budget Management Act

  1. What is named after a German word for hear and  was started by August Horsch?

Ans: Audi

  1. Identify the person

Ans:- Donald Trump

  1. Which company was formerly known as RACAL telecom with Arun Sarin as its Ex-Ceo?

Ans: Vodafone

  1. ColdFusion ,Dreamweaver are products created  by this company. The word means sun dried bricks or buildings made from such bricks. Identify the company.

Ans:- Adobe

  1. With which ayurvedic major in India would you associate the brand Narayani?


  1. Who is iGate corporation’s CEO?

Ans:-  Phaneesh Murty

  1. Bubblegum, Mentos, Centrefresh are owned by which company ?

Ans:- Perfetti Van Melle

  1. “The whole world steps aside for the man who knows where he is going”. Id the ad campaign

Ans:- Jhonnie Walker

  1. Banks in India are moving towards CTS. What is CTS ? ( in the context of cheques)

Ans: Cheque Truncation System

India’s first monorail was successfully tested and would become operational in August in which city?

Ans:- Mumbai

  1. Which global media company owns the Penguin group?

Ans: Pearson Media Group



Rapid Quotient:

  1. Bajate Raho is the tagline of which radio station?

Ans: Red FM

  1. Whose registered office is called as “Cement House”?

Ans: ACC

  1. x is the flagship company of the Wadia Group engaged mainly into the business of Textiles.

Ans: Bombay Dyeing

  1. Which company makes Monopoly?

Ans: Hasbro


  1. What is  iShakti?

Ans:-  Fortified Dals by Tata Chemicals

  1. Which company, promoted by TATA, has adopted a strategy called “Big Bang” to transform its business?

Ans: Voltas

  1. Club West is a rewards programme designed by which retailer?

Ans: Westside

  1. Who is the Head of Tata Global Beverages?

Ans: Harish Bhat


Q1.  X was started out as Dial Square in 1886 by workers in Woolwich, south-east London, and was renamed Royal ________

Ans: Arsenal FC

Q2. The company was founded in 1946 as a producer of wooden floats for fishing nets. Its products are known as vcore, arc saber, voltic 80.


Q3. Marble white, pebble blue, garnet red , titanium grey are the different colours available in which instrument?

Ans: Samsung Galaxy S3

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