Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2013 at Guwahati

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The Guwahati edition was held on March, 12th. The following were the questions asked from the prelims round:-

  1. Connect Mark Hurd, Leo Apotheker, Meg Whitman.

Ans: HP

  1. Who is the person behind the designing of the Coca Cola ad campaign ‘Thanda matlab Coca Cola’ with Aamir Khan?

Ans:- Prasoon Joshi

  1. In 2009, News Corporation restricted which T.V. group into 4 units–  _India, _Greater China, _select and Fox International Channels Asia

Ans:- STAR

  1. In July 2011, which company bought the US based managed Ethernet and apps delivery service company Yipis enterprise service for a cash amount 1200 crore?

Ans:- Reliance

  1. The Interpublic Group Publics, Omnicom and which other company are considered as the big four agency (advertising) holdings corporate

Ans:- WPP

  1. Which company has the punch line ‘First in Business Worldwide’?

Ans:- CNBC

Whose flagship online music portal Gaana.com is now available as an app for android, IOS, Blackberry?

Ans:- Indian Times

  1. Which internet major closed Buzz, My Blog log and numerous other products on 21stApril 2011?

Ans:- Yahoo

  1. Which Indian stationary company began with the ‘horse brand’?

Ans:- Camlin

  1. What is common to a famous landmark bridge in the USA and an IT company?

Ans:- CISCO (the landmark is the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco)

  1. Which company supplies tyre for NASCAR car rally?

Ans:- Goodyear

  1. ‘Welcome Break’ is the tagline of which company?

Ans:- ITC

  1. Which Indian media and entertainment company was founded by Ronnie Screwala?

Ans:- UTV

  1.  In 1979 which company came up with ‘Free Cone Day’?

Ans:- Baskin and Robbins

  1. Bharat Swatis are training planes built by which heavy electrical company in India?

Ans:- BHEL

  1. ‘Is this the only thing you can leave behind’ was used by

Ans:- Incredible India

Few questions asked in the FINALS:-

  1. VEYRON 16.4 is a mid engine grand car by which company?

Ans:- Bugatti

  1. BORSE is a stock exchange in which European nation?

Ans:- Germany

  1. How do we better know ‘Canary Yellow Stickies’?

Ans:- Post it notes

  1. In 1881 an A.C. alternator was powered for street lighting in UK. Who were the manufacturers?

Ans:- Siemens

  1. ‘Work in Progress’ is the autobiography of?

Ans:- Walt Disney

  1. Which company technically means ‘ROLL’?

Ans:- Volvo

  1. Benkin, Shaggy tunes were made popular by which brand?

Ans:- Levi’s

  1. Which consulting firm trademarked ‘learning curve’?

Ans:- Boston Consulting Group

  1. Powerfly is a new aviation initiative by Taj with which person?

Ans:- Capt. Gopinath

  1. ‘Banker to every Indian’ is the tagline of which bank?

Ans:- State Bank of India

  1. Which Arabic word meaning “tower” was trademarked?

Ans:- Burj

  1. Dinesh, Ashok Arora, Raghavan are co-founders of which company?

Ans:- Infosys

  1. Famous invention of which company include magnetic strip, artificial intelligence, hard disk drive?

Ans:- IBM

  1. To commemorate the centenary birth anniversary of Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru what did Indian Railways do?

Ans:- Started Shatabdi Express

  1. ‘Beautiful you, today, tomorrow’ is the tagline of?

Ans:- ITC Fiama Di Wills

  1. What term, that was used as  a suffix in the naming of the trains, was implemented by Indian railways when the country started progressing?

Ans:- Mail

  1. Which company innovated and created a new type of talking shoes?


  1. In telecom world what does LTE stand for?

Ans:- Long term Evolution

  1. Which organisation would you associate  Arctic Sunrise, Rainbow Warriors, Esperanza?

Ans:- Green Peace

  1. Which word is a synonym for high yielding coffee?

Ans:- Mocha chino

  1. ‘Anything constructed can be taken apart…. How to construct and reconstruct’ is the tagline of?

Ans:- Lego Toys

  1. ‘Fashion starts here’ is the tagline of?

Ans:- Provogue

  1. What does TMT stand for in  TISCON TMT?

Ans:- Thermo Mechanically Treated

  1. Which company from TATA is to manufacture biometric cars in West Bengal?

Ans:- TCS

  1. Vriti are online courses for management offered by?

Ans:-  TATA McGrawhill

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