Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2013 at Chandigarh

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  1. What is the full form of PDF ?

Ans:- Picture Document Format.

  1. Which tech giant ran a campaign titled  “Life without wall”?

Ans- Microsoft

  1. Identify the personality

Ans:- Ingvar Kampard

The township of Menlo Park, New Jersey was renamed in 1954 to honour which American Inventor ?

Ans:- Thomas Edison

  1. Identify this managment guru

Ans:-Philip Kotler

Which low cost airline has its headquarters in Gurgaon  ?

Ans:- Spicejet

  1. This company traces its origin to 1945 when it was started by 3 people, including Gulam Mohammad who went on to become the 1stFinance Minister of Pakistan. Which company are we talking about?

Ans:- M&M

  1. Expand IEEE

Ans:- Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers

  1. Natty Narwahal is the latest version of what

Ans:-  Ubuntu

  1. Which country would you link with the following slogan:- “I care less about the GNP and more about the gross national happiness “

Ans:- Bhutan

  1. Which famous Indian is planning to launch 500 schools under the name ABAPS ?

Ans:- Abhinav Bindra

  1. Which city has overtaken Las Vegas in term of Revenue from Casinos?

Ans:- Macau

  1. India comes home in ___________

Ans:- Maruti

  1. Known as Omini, it is a silhouette of a man and woman sitting back to back to nude. What are we talking about?

Ans:- Logo of Kappa

  1. Jaspal Bhatti, an electrical engineer, became a cartoonist for which daily ?

Ans:- The Tribune

  1. How do we better know  Badruddin Jamaluddin Kazi?

Johnny Walker (the actor)

  1.  Identify the author

Ans:- Jim Collins

  1. If Currency of China is Yuan then what is the currency of Hong Kong ?

Ans:- Hong Kong Dollar


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