Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2013 at Ahmedabad

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The Ahmedabad edition of Tata Crucible Campus Quiz 2013 was held at the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad on 9th March. About 260 teams representing institutions from almost every field of study participated in this round, and is by far the largest participation in the history of Tata Crucible held at the city.

The teams which made it to the top 6 were as follows:

  1. Neha Damle & Ashish Jain [MICA]
  2. Jayraj & Bhumil [ICAI]
  3. Shayak Chakroborty & Rahul Dave [GNLU]
  4. Amit Das & Soumyadipta Chanda [GNLU]
  5. Abhishek Rane & Abhimanyu Roy [MICA] 
  6. MVR Murthy & Manish [IIM-A]

Questions from Prelims:

  1. Which pharmaceutical company gets its name from Latin for “new sciences”?


  1. Which premium sanitary and bath accessories manufacturing company has a tagline “Too good to resist”?


  1. Ad for?


  1. Which recently launched product was released with the tagline “Create the best group photo, use a ________”?

Nokia Lumia 920

  1. What portfolio does Manish Tiwari hold in in the central government?

Information & Broadcasting

  1. Who is the Deputy Governor of the RBI?

Anand Sinha

  1. Which luxury brand showcased all their products on Twitter before actually displaying on runway?


  1. Polaroid launched a set of camera sunglasses with two embedded 1.5″ LCD displays as a part of its Grey Label collection. Which artist has been asked to assist in its creation?

Lady Gaga

  1. Logo of?


  1. What is the name of India’s premier online movies on demand service?


  1. Haribhai V Desai initiated the business operations of which leading pickle manufacturing brand in 1901 from Pune?

Mother’s Recipe

  1. ‘Straight from the Gut’ and ‘Winning’ are books by which management thinker?

Jack Welch

  1. Wonderbook is an augmented reality book launched by which gaming equipment manufacturer?

Sony PlayStation

  1. “Always Amazes You” is the promotional slogan for tourism department of which country?


  1. Logo of which automobile major?


  1. Which company having a Roman Gladiator as its logo has a 13.55% stake in it owned by Berkshire Hathway?

American Express

  1. Who owns Grupo Carso, Telmex and América Móvil?

Carlos Slim

  1. Which studio is the developer of Temple Run?

Imangi Studios

  1. Which brand started by selling truffle balls and has appointed Roger Federer as its brand ambassador in 2012?


The finals saw the MICA team of Ashish and Neha take an early lead with back to back answers and a lot of entertainment ensued after some interesting answers being given by the teams, including a hilarious take on the dry status of Gujarat by Pickbrain on an answer by the IIM-A team and one with the secret formula of Coca Cola being moved into a secret vault answered by GNLU. The lateral connect round saw some fantastic answers by MICA, which further increased their lead. The TATA round saw the other MICA team of Abhishek & Abhimanyu take calculated guesses and earn some vital points. A new introduction in this year’s edition was a round with four visuals with a word to be decoded from the hints provided. MICA made a brilliant first move and steered way ahead of the competitors in this round while the team from ICAI and second team from MICA were tied for the second spot. The final round saw the ICAI team finishing runners-up with an adrenaline-pumping answer off the last question.
Winners: Neha Damle & Ashish Jain [MICA]

Runners up:  Jayraj & Bhumil [ICAI]


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