Tata Crucible Campus 2013 – North Zonal Finals Quiz questions

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Date – 24th March 2013

Venue – Taj Palace, New Delhi

In the new format of Crucibles, the teams winning their regional rounds had to compete at the Zonal Finals to reach National Finals in Mumbai. So after FMS Delhi won their Delhi round, they were met by seven other teams from the different cities of Northern India in the Zonal Finals. PickBrain beagn the North Zone finals with a quick recap of all eight teams. The regional rounds in North had seen some of the highest scores of the winning teams in their respective cities so PickBrain hinted that the North Zone Finals would be a tough and challenging battle and he was proved absolutely right.

The 8 teams in Zonal Finals were –

1)      Mata Vaishno Devi University, Jammu – Vedanta and Karan

2)      Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow – Arjun and Shounak

3)      National Institute of Technology, Jalandhar – Milind and Sujit 

4)      LNM Institute of Information Technology, Jaipur – Dheeraj and Nikhil

5)      Indian Institute of Science, Education and Research (IISER), Mohali – Abhishek and Shivam

6)      Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS), Pilani – Aditya and Sreejan

7)      Institute of Management and Technology (IMT), Ghaziabad – Leo Thomas and Kaustubha

8)      Faculty of Management Studies (FMS), Delhi – Arun and Hemant


The whole Zonal Finals were on buzzer ensuring that the teams would have to be on their nerves to win the quiz.

Round 2:-

  1. In 1984,  Warner sold the home computing and game console divisions of _________ to Tramiel  for $50 cash and $240 million in promissory notes and stocks, giving Warner a 20% stake in _______  Corporation. FITB.


  1. Advertisements of which product have seen these changes in the past – “100 percent use of aspartame”to “100 percent NutraSweet”to “Sweetened With Splenda”?

Ans:- Diet Coke

  1.  Heroes is a confectionery brand launched by Cadbury as response to which brand of Mars Inc?

Ans:- Celebrations

  1. Trademark of Hasbro Inc. what is defined as  a geometric drawing toy that produces mathematical roulette curves of the variety technically known as hypotrochoids and epitrochoids?

Ans:- Spirographs

Round 3:-

  1. What in the world of Tatas is Malabar Princess?

Ans:- First Plane of Air India started as Tata Airlines

  1. Which group  of Tata companies sponsors the F1 player Narain Karthikeyan?

Ans.:- Tata Tea or Tata Global Beverages

  1.  HCM, a new cloud based service has been introduced by Tata Docomo. Expand HCM.

Ans:-  Hosted Campaign Manager

  1. It was created as a joint venture between the Tata group and X in 1989. However, X went out of business in the early 1990s but the Tata group retained the X name as part of the Tata group of companies. Which Tata group of companies is being talked about?

Ans:- Tata Elxsi

Round 4:-

This was the most interesting and unique round of the quiz. In this round, every question had four images and a formula attached with it. The teams had to identify the four visuals and fit them into formula to get the mega-answer.

  1.  The four visuals –

ZooZoos + Logo of Novartis + Eric Schmidt (Current CEO) + Jeffrey Immelt (Current CEO)

Formula –  F-3 , V-2 , E-2 , I +1

Ans : vOdafone + Novartis + gooGle + general electriC = ONGC

  1. The four visuals –

Research In Motion Logo + Archies Logo + Burger King Logo + Suzlon Logo

Formula – C+2 , S-3 , R+2 , N-2

Ans : blackBerry + arcHies + burgEr + suzLon = BHEL

  1. The four visuals –

Walmart Logo + Sony Playstation + Samsung Logo + Calvin Klein Logo

Formula – T-3 , N-3 , M+3 , C+2

Ans : walMart + playstaTion + samsuNg + caLvin = MTNL

At the end of the the quiz, the scoreboard or the CQ – Crucible Quotient read as :

MVDU, Jammu – 5
IIM, Lucknow – 5
NIT, Jalandhar – 10
LNMIIT, Jaipur – 15
IIISER, Mohali – (-ve) 5
BITS, Pilani – 10
IMT, Ghaziabad – 50
FMS, Delhi – 30

IMT Ghaziabad were the last team on scoreboard with a negative of -10 at one point but they staged an outstanding comeback and won the Zonal Finals. FMS Delhi took an early lead in the quiz with 30 points and played safe in the later rounds without taking any risk.
Two teams from North Zone reached National Finals – IMT Ghaziabad and FMS Delhi.


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