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If you think Delhi was tough then, Gurgaon was infernal. Around 60+ teams participated in this newly added city for Tata Crucible- Corporate edition. Pickbrain warned the participants that it would be a private sector battle as the Delhi had been a public sector wipe-out. The atmosphere at the hall was abuzz with the quizzing acumen. And Pickbrain added many facets to them with his brilliant questions. The people at Greycaps must had done many brain storming sessions before getting out with this piece of art. The prelim, in the matter of difficulty level, was tougher than the earlier quizzes this year. Absence of many quizzing giants from the Delhi edition was cited as the reason for this by Pickbrain. So let’s have a ride to this quizzing pardise:



  1. Which company has a CSR initiative called Ahaar Abhiyan?

GlaxoSmith Kline

  1. Which automobile company has an inhouse crative agency named Innocean?


  1. Which German company, founded in 1899, has the motto “Immer Besser” meaning ‘Forever better’?


  1. What will be offered by Kashi Vishwanath temple in association with Shri Prakash Raghuvanshi?

Packaged Manure

  1. Identify the fictional beer. [Hint: Simpsons]

Duff Beer

  1. Which brand manufactured and sold by World Kitchen has the tagline “Beautiful, Stylish, long-lasting”?


  1. Founded by Pierre Lazareff and his wife Helene Gordon in 1945, world’s largest fashion magazine.


  1. Who is Oxfam’s first global ambassador from the eastern hemisphere?

Rahul Bose

  1. Who has been named as the new chairman of F1 racing?

Peter Brabeck

Identify the company.


  1. Which famous designer aspired to a career in medicine after reading A.J.Cronin’s novel “The Citadel” and enrolled at University of Bologna?

Giorgio Armani

  1. Which French citizen and cellar master introduced corks to wine bottles?

Dom Pérignon

  1. Mille Miglia, L.U.C., Happy Diamonds, Happy Sport, Happy Spirit, Classiques etc. are the collections of which Swiss luxury brand which redesigned the Palme d’Or award in 1998?


  1. The name of which photographic products company is derived from a German acronym and literally means “limited company for dry manufacture”?


  1. Identify the brand.


  1. What book publishing firm was named after a belligerent bird by Bernard Geis in 1945?

Bantam Books

  1. Introduced in 1948, the original prototype was based on military developments that wer originally classified for dispensing insecticides. However this uses CFC as main component, which was criticised due to concerns over destruction of ozone layer. What?

Air freshener/ Aerosol 

  1. In April 2008, this company changed its name and thus added healthcare in their name and also adopted an ancient yogic posture of Gyan Mudra as their logo. Which company?

Piramal Healthcare

  1. The petroleum products of the national company of this country are sold under brand name Q8 since 1988?


  1. This is M. Mahadevan. Which brand did he launch?

Hot Bread

  1. Meaning “King of fine wools”, name this shawl which is woven with the down hair of the Tibetan Antelope (Chiru) by the weavers of Kashmir.


  1. What originates from the tradition whereby young hunting dogs in Britain were trained to follow a scent with the use of Red fish?

Red Herring

  1. An HBS case study on Project Management examines how he (an Indian) and Public Enterprise dealt with the accidents occurred due to the company’s ongoing project. Identify.

DMRC & E. Sridharan

  1. Identify the brand.

Burger King


Teams that made it to the finals

  1. Ankit Vohra & Gopal Krishna: GroupM Mindshare
  2. Sankalp B & Shashi Shekhar: KPMG
  3. Avinash Mudaliar & Ketan Sastry: Times Internet
  4. Rohan Khanna & Anupam Jain: Genpact
  5. Anurag & Vaibav: IPM India
  6. Gautam & Tanmaya: Reckitt Benckiser


Rohan Khanna, the current national champion, arrived in the final with a different team this year.


Round-1: Tips & Trends

  1. Innovation “Forza Blu” created by Italian Navy to support itself financially. What is it?

Energy Drink

  1. Created by Burn Side Brewing of Portland, USA, heavily protested by BJP. What?

Kali-Ma beer

  1. What was invented by Andre Laguerre to fill the winter months, a typically slow point in the sporting calendar?

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue

  1. Who was the unusual funds provider for the Institute of Theoretical Physics (now known as Neil Bohr’s Institute)?

Carlsberg beer

  1. Founded as Sandys this Italian sports brand started the fashion of colourful sportswear in 1970s, now owned by Hong Kong based Chinese businessman Billy Ngok. Which brand?

Sergio Tacchini

  1. Vitesse, Sang Bleu, L’Or Blanc. Editions of what?

Bugatti Veyron


Round-2: Business Appraisal

  1. Who is LIC’s strategic partner in Mutual funds investment?


 A very unlikely answer was produced by Times Internet: Red Cross.

  1. What does PIP produce? (very controversial product)

Breast Implants

 This question also proved a bit tougher for the guys at stage but a gentleman from Ernst & Young answered it with sheer confidence.

  1. Which file-sharing site did he launch?

Trip Adler of Scribd.com

  1. What was created by Tōru Iwatani which became so popular that a legal strategy got its name form that?


  1. Identify the company.



Round-3: Tata World

1.Tata Communications has launched TGN-EA. What does EA stand for?


  1. Tata motors has launched TLAV in India-first of its kind. What does ‘A’ stand for?


  1. Maithon Power Ltd. is a joint venture between Tata Power and which company?

Damodar Valley Corporation

 Before Pickbrain could finish his question, Reckitt Benckiser cracked it within seconds.

  1. What was created by Jamsetji N. Tata on the advice of Swami Vivekananda after founding Steel industry in India?

IISc, Bangalore


Round-4: Lateral World

Connect on Aliva biscuits

Connect on NCR Corporation

Connect on Suzuki

Connect on Rasna

Scores were like this:

Genpact: 60

Times Internet & Reckitt Benckiser: 25

GroupM Mindshare: 10

KPMG & IPM India: 0

If there was a contest, it was for 2nd place as Genpact was way ahead with the scores.

Round-5: Brick & Mortar

1.What is the gold coin, first introduced in 1540 by Sher Shah Suri, named as?


  1. Which German company was acquired by Havells in 2007, which is a Latin word for “forest land”?


 Genpact got this one wrong on the buzzer and lost 10 precious points.

  1. Which was the first airline to offer alcohol on domestic flights in India, offering Whiskey with breakfast on 6am flights?

Damaniya Airways

Team Genpact stormed the Guragaon finals with 50 points. There was a tie-breaker for 2nd place between Times Internet Reckitt Benckiser. They both had their score tied at 40 marks. It couldn’t have been a better final in terms of the quality of contest.


Tie-breaker round

1.Middle name Francis Charles Publius, by profession he is a doctor but he is a management guru. Who?

Edward de Bono

(Went unanswered)

  1. In 1896 a light textile material was created by this man for his company based in Zlin, Czech Republic. Identify.

Tomas Bata

(Reckitt Benckiser got this wrong)

Alok Kumar, VP & Global Head-Internal IT & Shared Services of TCS was the guest of honour. Pickbrain, on Rohan Khanna’s tremendous consistency, praised him for reaching 6 consecutive national finals.

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