Review of Askqance 2012 By Daksha Ballal

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At the outset, you would think if Karnataka Quiz Association picked the right weekend to host their annual “ASKQANCE “quiz event which happened on July 21st. After all, this was the weekend of “The Dark Knight”- the movie that has captured the attention of all age groups. You wouldn’t expect students from Middle and High school to spend close to an entire Saturday at a quiz event. Not to forget to mention under-graduate and post-graduate students. They would have probably preferred to occupy the seats of Inox or PVR to catch their superhero. Right? Well, this is Bangalore- the traditional quizzing hotspot in the country. And when an organization like KQA hosts the event, people surely turn up. Hence, it was absolutely great to see a crowd of close to 200 people throng St. John’s auditorium- venue of the event. Organizing one quiz event is a tough task in itself- but to pull of 4 quiz events in a single day requires expertise which the team of KQA has in abundance. Probably this was the USP of the event- 4 in 1 day!!!! So if you were a quizzing enthusiast, this would have meant a bonanza.

Teams from across the country attended the event.

And they were from the premier institutions too. NITK, Surathkal had two teams and so was a team from BITS PILANI, Rajasthan present. Rounds were innovatively named as Currency Affairs– where all questions were based on quirky facts relating to coins. So if you were a numismatist, you would have been juggling with this round!!!! And then there was the Derailer- where teams could choose to target each other with questions relating to specific themes. There were a lot of historical facts and one really had to put on their thinking caps to work around the clues. Now that’s the essence of quizzing. Teams that were able to crack the tough questions missed out on the relatively easy ones. To catch them saying “Oh Noooo” was priceless.  Nevertheless, it was a competitive event and even though there could be just one winner, all those witnessing the event went home soaking in the rich knowledge that “ASKQANCE’ had to offer.



Q1. This coin was released in 2001 commemorating a fictional character. Who?

Ans 1: HEIDI

Q2. A fourth grader from Arizona, Sofi Collis won an essay writing competition organised by X which included this excerpt- “I used to live in an orphanage. It was dark and cold and lonely. At night I would look up and see the sky and I felt better. Thank you for the spirit and opportunity.”

Identify X and what happened subsequently?

Ans 2: X is NASA and the competition was organised to name their Mars Explorers. Hence, the name Spirit and Opportunity from the winning essay.


Q3. This symbol is the trademark of Kuwait Petroleum International. The company’s products are sold in some countries under this symbol. It adorns the gas stations as well. What is the symbol?

Ans 3: Q8(Just like Kuwait!!!!)


Q4. These houses are a common feature in North East England. The colours of these houses are derived from a bird and the supporters of the local club around this area are referred to the same name. What is it?

Ans 4: MAGPIE HOUSES. The club is Newcastle United who play in the English Premier League.  This is the magpie bird.

Q5. This term is a sharp object that could damage ships and was found in freshwater. Later, it became a common in the aviation business. What was it?

Ans 5: SNAG.


CLUE 1:- This Company derives its name from a middle age instrument and supplies audio components to NISSAN.

CLUE 2:- In 2005, it staged ADDZEST- a product presentation for media companies and distributors in the USA. Which company?


Q7.  David Bowie turned down the offer saying it was inappropriate to what business he did. Lennon, Moore, Vanessa Redgrave and Huskey have followed suit. Which Indian has done the same thing?

Ans 7: Rabindranath Tagore refusing the Knighthood as a protest against Jallianwala Bagh massacre of 1919.

Q8. Etymologically, the term originated as a Christ reference representing the sufferings of Jesus crucified. It is also used as an informal label applied to someone regarded as excessively sympathetic, liberal in a political sense, or both. The below picture captures the term the best and the flower is called as “The Plant of Romance”. What term?




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