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It is a foregone conclusion in the quizzing circles that  Bangalore will always witness intense competition in any quiz event. Be it the Tata Crucible or Brand Equity, the contest has gone down right to the wire. It was no different at this year’s Cerebration organised by The Hindu Business Line. The great display of knowledge by the contestants was a treat to watch and was worth spending 4 hours on a Sunday. A 3 way tie breaker is a rare occurrence but that’s what happened yesterday. The experienced duo of Mitesh Agarwal and Yagnyeshwaran  from Oracle pipped the team from ING Vysya and IIM-A in a shootout of 5 questions to emerge the winners at the Bangalore round. What made the victory more astonishing was the fact that Oracle were yet to score after first 2 rounds in the finals. Once the buzzer rounds started, they just fired away with their quick shot responses. Oracle eventually finished on 48 points followed by ING Vysya (47) and IIM-A (46).

Top 6 teams who qualified for the Finals:-

Mahesh & Vinod- HSBC

Sanjay & Sashikanth- Attra Infotech

Mitesh & Yagnyeshwaran- Oracle

Vipul & Aniketh- Life is oustide

Prasad & Samrat- ING Vysya

Kalai & Nishanth- IIM-A


  1. Which Indian brand organizes Tress Talk- a series of hair care workshops in India?

Ans:- Fiame Di Wills

  1.  Which popular Indian fashion designer duo launched a book titled “Indian Fantastique 2012″- celebrating 25 years of their association?

Ans:- Abu Jani-Sandeep Khosla

  1. Whose logo?

Ans:- Redbus

  1. Who will be released  from FCI Butner Medium, where he is imprisoned, on November 14th, 2139?

Ans:- Bernie Madoff

  1. Which painter painted the packets of ITC Flake in 2012?

Ans:- Paresh Maity

  1. Whose logo?

Ans:-Kalamane Koffee

  1. With which computer hardware company would you associate the tagline of “Your eyeball view, our technology new”?

Ans:- I-Ball

  1. Which Swiss company makes Monaco chronograph, Reflex sunglasses and Meredist mobile phones?


  1. Which music company, founded by Troy Carter, manages Lady Gaga and Priyanka Chopra?

Ans:- Atom Factory

  1. Whose ad campaign?

Ans:- Sakala (Government of Karnataka’s initiative aimed at delivering services within the stipulated time)

  1. Which football club tops the 2012 Forbes list of “most valuable football clubs” in the world?

Ans:- Manchester United

  1. Identify

Ans:- Jim Yong Kim (President of World Bank)

  1. By what name was the court case fought by Helen Steel and David Morris against McDonald’s known as?

Ans:- Mc Libel

  1. Which travel company got its name when its founder mistook a line from the song “Space Captain” by Joe Crocker?

Ans:- Lonely Planet

  1. What online service was started by A.R. Rahman and Shekar Kapur?

Ans:- Qyuki

  1. The family motto of which banking family is “Concordia, Integritas, Industria”?

Ans:- Rothschild

  1. Which cookie, by NABISCO, celebrated its 100 years of existence in 2012?

Ans:- Oreo

  1.  Identify

Ans:- Nitesh Shetty

  1. Which company’s origins can be traced to a piano and a reed organ maker?

Ans:- Yamaha

  1.  Which food venture has brand such as “Asia in a Box” and “Rolling Pins”?

Ans:- Thulp Foods


Round 1:- Roots&Shoots

  1. Who is behind the search engine called “Wiredoo” with its tagline “Search once and see how its related”?

Ans:- Stanley Kirk/MC Hammer

  1. Which famous leader started a clothing company in 1919 with Edward Jakobson in Kansas City? The clothing store could not survive the economic downturn of the 20’s and closed down- making him bankrupt and heavily indebted.

Ans:- Harry S Truman

  1. For what specific reason did the India Burma Petroleum start its cryogenic division?

Ans:- To provide cold storage facilities for preserving cow semen during “Operation Flood”

  1. In 2012, this brand sponsored an excavation of a shipwreck in the coast of Panama. They believed that the wreckage and the hull was symbolic to the brand’s history that they strongly associated with. Which brand?

Ans:- Captain Morgan

  1. “Green Gold” is a company founded by Rajiv Chilaka. What do they produce in association with Ted Turner?

Ans:- Chhota Bheem

  1. The construct of this logo is based on the fact that it carries an emotional response across all boundaries. It is chararcterised by a bird in flight- unrestricted and unhindered. Choice of colours are yellow and red. Red denotes energy, passion and commitment. Yellow denotes joy and happiness. Whose logo?

Ans:- India Post


  1. Connect this image to Starbucks

Ans:- The person is Mr. Horniman. The first Starbucks store in India was opened at the Horniman circle in Mumbai.

  1. Connect USADA, Coca Cola,  Stepan Chemicals, Mallinckrodt

Ans:- USADA allows the import of certain drugs by these companies that can be used in small scale quantities which are otherwise banned for personal use.

  1. What is the significance of these images?

Ans:- Oskar Schindler and his factory where he harbored thousand of Jews during Holocaust.

  1. What does this technology called USB Key do?

Ans:- Google’s device for having a single encrypted password across all its accounts.

  1. What is special about this shoe?

Ans:-  The design of the shoe was selected from a competition that Adidas organised to celebrated Messi’s newborn son- Thiago.

  1. Identify

Ans:- Chhagan Bapa who started Lijat Papad


  1. UTV Software, Marvel Entertainment and Muppet Studios are subsidiaries of:

Ans:- Walt Disney

  1. Hershey’s idea was opted after M&M were rejected.

Ans:- ET

  1. The telegraph company to reject the patent of Alexander Bell’s phone

Ans:- Western Union

  1. LTIT, a polytechnic institute in Mumbai, is managed by them

Ans:- L&T

  1. Convenience stores run by Appu in Simpsons

Ans:- Qwike Marts

Round 4:- BRIEFLY

  1. Which company launched Telewing Commuincations with Lakshadweep govt?

Ans:- Telenor

  1. Which award is given by Japanese Union?

Ans:- Deming Award

  1. Who will replace AON as shirt sponsor for ManU?

Ans:- Chevrolet

  1. What does HFD stand for in low alcoholic beverages?

Ans:- Health Food Drinks

  1. Danish Carpet maker, EG, formed an alliance with which Indian designer?

Ans:- Rohit Bal

  1. Identify.

Ans:- EL James (Author of Fifty Shades trilogy)


  1. Which media group in India was founded as SJI Finance?

Ans:- NETWORK 18

  1. Which watch brand owned by Swatch has a Wind HourGlass shape?

Ans:- Longines

  1. Which Swiss based company is the leading provider of HR solutions?

Ans:- Adecco

  1. Which Japanese company owes its name to a mechanical bend?


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