Celebrating Cerebration 2013

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Date : 13th January 2013
Venue : India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road, New Delhi
QuizMaster : Giri “Pickbrain” Balasubramaniam

The Annual Business Line Quiz, Cerebration meaning “the working of the brain” came to the National Capital for the first time this year. The event saw a huge participation of 70+ teams from corporate houses and institutions. The event had Corporation Bank as its Title Sponsor and SAIL and NCDEX as the Associate Sponsors.  It was a one man show in Delhi as one team conquered the whole quiz with some fantastic answers and were being called as the “Demolition Men from Delhi” by the Pickbrain. So, lets see which team gained entry into the National Finals :


  1. Which Indian woman was the first woman to command a Boeing 787 Dreamliner
    Ans. Nivedita Bhasin
  2. Which photo sharing and social networking app founded by Kevin Systrom and Mike Kreiger was recently acquired by Facebook?
    Ans. Instagram
  3.  Thermocot, Bumchums and Footline Socks – Which company owns these brands?
    Ans. Rupa
  4.  Vyomesh Joshi, who headed the printer business at HP, was recently appointed in the board of which Indian IT giant?
    Ans. Wipro
  5. Founded by Som Koffler in 1933 and now a brand of Samsonite, which luggage manufacturer launced a new travel bag called Florence?
    Ans. American Tourister
  6. Identify

Ans. Shobhna Bhartia

  1.  Which brand owned by Allied Blenders & Distillers is the world’s largest selling whisky?
    Ans. Officers Choice
  2. Along with Coleman Andrews and Eric Kriss, who cofouned Bain Capital?
    Ans. Mitt Romney
  3.  Which brand of male grooming products had names like Africa Alaska, Java and Nevada from 1990-1996 and later names like Dimension Apollo, Gravity and Phoenix?
    Ans. Axe
  4. Whatever The Odds is the autobiography of which Indian billionaire?
    Ans. KP Singh
  5. Which brand identity was based around the idea of “adding Vitality to Life” and has 24 icons?
    Ans. Unilever
  6. Identify her.

Ans. Vanitha Narayanan (recently appointed MD of IBM India)

  1. What was introduced by James Taylor to Sri Lanka in 1867, now of high importance to its economy?
    Ans. Tea
  2. Which Russian oligarch is a majority shareholder of Metalloinvest, a Russian industrial conglomerate and also owns major shares in a sports team?
    Ans. Alisher Usmanov
  3. Which initiative?

Ans. Sarva Shiksha Abhiyaan

  1. Which iconic Denim brand originated when Blue Bell company asked Polish tailor Bernard Leichenstein to design jeans for Rodeo use?
    Ans. Wrangler
  2. Monisha Kaltenborn, the first female team principal in F1 history, also has 33% shares in which F1 team?
    Ans. Sauber
  3. Which trade classification gets its name from this bird?

Ans. Brent (Brent Goose gives its name to Brent Crude Oil)

  1. Which Indian brand famous for its ads involving Bannu, the bride was founded by KV Pendharkar?
    Ans. Vicco Turmeric
  2. Silk is a browser owned by?
    Ans. Amazon

The top six teams in the Finals were :
1) CSC – Sukhvinder Singh and Srivas MK
2) Genpact – Rohan Khanna and Anupam Jain
3) HCL – Abdul Sayid and Somnat Jain
4) NTPC – Chandan Shahi and Sanjit Dutta
5) Reckitt Benckiser – Gautam and Tanmay
6) State Bank of India – Sharad and Sonam

The cut-off in the Prelims was 14 and the highest score was 18.  As the tradition goes for any Pickbrain quiz, he never forgets to acknowledge the team who just missed on clearing the prelims, the 7th team in Delhi was not a corporate but a college team from Jaipur – LNMIIT Jaipur.

The finals had six rounds with different scoring patterns and these rounds were named after the sections in The Business Line newspaper.

Round 1 – Roots and Shoots

Q1. Connect – Kansas in USA to Kochi in India
Ans. Kansas is the first city in world to get Wi-Fi at 1 gb/sec and Kochi is its Indian counterpart.

Q2. During World War II, Swiss build lines of defensive blocks to stop tank invasions in the country. What were these lines called?
Ans. Toblerone Lines

Q3. The first use of which term is credited to a 1961 attempt by creditors to oust Howard Hughes from control of TWA airlines?
Ans. Golden Handshake

Q4. This country is an extremely poor, “fourth-world” country that has abandoned Communism. Most of the nation is covered with waist-deep mud, which the residents use to build houses. It shares border with Kneebonia. Which country?
Ans. Elbonia, fictional country in Dilbert

Q5. LifeGem is a jewellery firm in Chicago, USA and the first company in the world to create  ‘memorial diamonds’. What are its ingredients?
Ans. Carbon Remains of Dead People


Round 2 – Windows

Q1. What comes into existence from this place?

Ans. 404 Error – Room No. 404 in CERN Labs, the birthplace of the error.

Q2. What exactly is this for?

Ans. Knitwear for Penguins to protect them from oil spills.

Q3.  Which publishing brand did he co-found?

Ans. Peter Kindersley, cofounder of DK Publishing along with Christopher Dorling.

Q4. Identify the brand that was established by this person.

Ans. ORPAT – named after O.R. Patel

Q5. Whose ad campaign?

Ans. Amnesty International – People Missing in Wars

Q6. Identify the brand featured in this book.

Ans. Netflix

Round 3 – New Manager

( Clues provided with the number of alphabets in the answer in the grid)

Q1.  Think Outside The Bun
Ans. Taco Bell

Q2.  Rick Alden – 2003 – ear buds
Ans. SkullCandy

Q3.  f8 Annual Conference
Ans. Facebook

Q4. John Bissell  buyer for Macy’s
Ans. Fabindia
Round 4 – SAIL

Q1. Which company was marketed with the slogan “Don’t Carry a Cold in Your Pocket” in 1930s?
Ans. Kleenex

Q2. Article 148 of Indian Constitution deals with?
Ans. CAG

Q3.  ‘Shanti, Sukh and Santushti’ is a book circulated by which Indian business house among its millions of investors?
Ans. Sahara Group

Q4. Who was described by David Ogilvy as “odios little jerk”?
Ans. Martin Sorrel

Q5. Sherilyn S. McCoy succeeded whom as CEO of Avon?
Ans. Andrea Jung


Round 5 – Perspective (Visual Connect Round)

Q1. Mermaid, Three Founders
Ans. Starbucks

Q2. Candler Park, Gods Must Be Crazy
Ans. Coca Cola

Q3. Warren Anderson, Methyl Isocyanate
Ans. Union Carbide

Q4. Tomorrow Never Dies, AskMen.com
Ans. Rupert Murdoch

Round 6 – Brandline
(Successive Clues Provided)

Q1. It was conceived when Mr. Ramesh Upendra  Pai was in Germany in 1962. He found that car seat cushions were manufactured of rubberized coir. The manufacturer was improving curled coir from Sri Lanka.
Ans. Kurl-On

Q2. First two acquisitions – Canadair and Short Brothers
Ans. Bombardier

Q3. Built from Scratch: How a Couple of Regular Guys Grew The __________ from Nothing to $30 Billion.
Ans. Home Depot

The Balance Sheet at the end of quiz read as :
CSC – 40, HCL – 0, NTPC – 0, Reckitt Benckiser – 45, SBI – (-)5 and Genpact – 115

It was Genpact show all the way and Rohan Khanna from Genpact was simply outstanding. He gave superb answers and ruled the entire quiz. Pickbrain correctly dubbed the team as “Demolition Men from Delhi” at the end of the event. The quiz had some never-before-heard questions and a collection of interesting trivia. So its apt to say that Cerebration was truly the Celebration of the spirit of Quizzing.

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