Brand Equity Quiz 2012 at Mumbai

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Women like Facebook, more than Sex!

Well this is not an article on the details of the above mentioned title, but a review of the quiz where I came across this piece of trivia– the Brand Equity Quiz Mumbai Finals 2012. There is an eternal debate on the question of relevance of information. The above mentioned piece of trivia would be brushed aside as useless trivia or could be worthy information for someone in the advertising industry to explore the idea of marketing women products through Facebook etc. These were the kind of ambivalent thoughts I was left with after attending the quiz.

The teams on stage were – Edelweiss, Goldfish, JWT, Mersk, Tata Capital and TCS. The quiz was won by TCS, Mumbai who stood their ground throughout the quiz with some good cracks and the runner up team Edelweiss gave them stiff competition. TCS had a five point lead over Edelweiss when the last two questions of the quiz was remaining and TCS managed a negative of ten points on the penultimate question thereby losing out on the lead but by cracking the last question of the quiz made sure the title of Mumbai champion was not something that they would miss this year. Both TCS and Edelweiss would be representing Mumbai in the finals.

Derek was entertaining as ever, poking fun at others and employing the usuals from his coterie of jokes. One would be charmed by Derek’s perceptive and elegant use of his understanding of people’s psychology to make witty comments and keep the crowd on their toes with his presence and wisecracks.

Now the questions –

The Prelims Questions:

  1. Which Indian industry entered the Merriam Webster’s dictionary in 2007?


  1. Which famous brand was bought over by Luxxotica in 1999?


  1. Mahesh Lunch Home has branches in Mumbai at Fort, Juhu and __________?


  1. According to a survey, who among the following are the highest earners in US- Lawyers, Doctors and Chefs?


  1. Whose image was depicted on the currency of Sri Lanka to commemorate the person’s 2500th birth anniversary?

Gautam Buddha

  1. Which Nobel Laureate was provided with diamonds by De Beers for experiment purposes?

CV Raman

  1. Complete this Alfred Sloan quote – “A __________ for every purse and purpose”.


  1. Which Brooke Bond brand was the first to introduce tea bags?

TajMahal Tea

  1. Norges Bank is the central bank of which country?


  1. Which profession gets its name from this because historically the persons from this profession kept secrets of people they worked for?


  1. Philleas Fogg of “Around the world in eighty days” carried a red-bound copy of “Bradshaw’s Continental ___________ Steam Transit and General Guide”, for his journey around the world. Fill in the blanks.


  1. Who fired William Earle as the CEO of Wayne Enterprises?

Bruce Wayne

  1. Kevin Gilbertson is an American web developer best known as the creator of which web service that helps in shortening the size of an URL, by providing short aliases for long URL?


  1. McCormack World Rankings is the official ranking of which sport?


  1. Which Indian UNESCO world heritage site earned 19 Crores in revenue in 2011, by the sale of tickets?


  1. Who among the following is the highest earning American pop artist in UK – Rihana, Madonna and Justin Beiber?


  1. Which world-wide chain discontinued “Coco the clown” as its mascot in 1969?

Mc Donald

  1. In Hindu Mythology, who loaned money to Lord Balaji for his marriage with Goddess Lakshmi?

Lord Kubera

  1. What term is used to refer to an increase in the price of food that occurs as a result of increased demand from human consumption and due to its use as an alternative energy resource?


  1. “Parcheesi” is a board game sold in the US. It is based on which Indian board game?


  1. Identify her?


  1. Whose logo?

Yash Raj Films

  1. Which US University according to a survey tops the list of “Graduates of the university who are most employable”?

Harvard University

  1. Which Asian country is the largest producer of Opium in the world?


25.Which phrase refers to a person who has become rich through illegal or unfair means – Filthy rich, dirty rich and stinking rich?

Filthy Rich

  1. Which present cabinet minister represented “Sterlite Industries” in the Bombay High Court in 2003?

P Chidambaram

  1. Which country has the largest market for antiques and art – USA, China and Egypt?



Round 1: (Frame questions on the statements provided)

  1. A mission to stop cholera in Victorian England.

Why was Lifebouy created?

  1. Cosmopolitan survey – Women prefer it more than sex.

What is Facebook?

  1. Now a brand name,  it was a word first used in a Punjabi poem by Waris Shah.

What is Basmati?

  1. Dell Streak 5, previously known as the Dell Mini 5, is arguably the first.

Which is the world’s first fablet?

  1. Radhe, Radherani, Balarama and Ganga café.

What are the restaurants in Isckon?

  1. Only Qatar Airways gives all its business class passengers these for long haul flights.

Which airline provides pyjamas/night suits for its business class passengers for its long haul flights.


  1. Who contracted with the Spanish Crown to give him 10% of all profits made in the new lands, as stipulated in the Capitulations of Santa Fe?

Christopher Columbus

  1. In 1948, Candido used the company’s expertise in pumps to develop a submersible bathtub pump for his son, Kenneth, who had developed rheumatoid arthritis in 1943. He realized that their agricultural water pumps could be adapted to give his son soothing whirlpool treatments at home. Name the family?


  1. What was the chief reason why Coco Cola Company could not enter the Indian market in 1977 till 1993?

They refused to divulge the secret 7X formula to the ruling government.

  1. According to Arthashastra,  entertainers and who else were banned from moving through the agricultural fields during rainy seasons?

Gypsies and vagabonds

  1. According to Richard Branson, his idea of diversifying business is based on ABCD – Always Be _______  _______

Always be connecting the dots.

  1. Which actor/director featured in the Google’s first  video doodle?

Charlie Chaplin

Round 3

  1. Fill in the Blanks:



Oscar Pistorius

  1. Name the movie.


  1. Name the costume




Cat suit

  1. Identify this fenny brand from Goa.

Big Boss

  1. Name the award.




Man Booker Prize


  1. Who is the first living person to be featured in the Amar Chitra Katha?

Narayana Murthy

  1. Who plays the role of Che- the narrator in the Broadway show “Evita”?

Ricky Martin

  1. John Hegarty of Bartle BogleHegarty has criticised whom by referring to his copywriting as: “He did write crap ads … admittedly.”

Salman Rushdie

  1. What is atextonym?

When using predictive text to write an SMS, sometimes an unexpected word of similar / humorous meaning may pop up.Eg.:Kiss / lips, Pint / shot / riot, Book / cool.

  1. What is the world’s first correspondence course? Clue – It’s a corporate skill.


  1. Which Asian city gets its name from the fisherwoman named “Mai Kolachi”?



  1. Connect – Radhe – O’ fish- Ninety Days

Big Boss

  1. Bisleri is a person, mountain or spring?


  1. John Paul Getty quote –“ __________ is like manure, it stinks”


  1. In 2010, BskyB of News Corp filed trademark infringement suit against which company for the use of the word “Sky”?


  1. Which country is the second largest contributor in dollars to the United Nations?


  1. The National Old Age Pension scheme is named after which Indian Prime Minister?

Indira Gandhi

  1. The last version of it came out in 2010, had 32-volumes, weighed 62 kilogrammesand was priced at £1,195 an edition. What?

Encyclopaedia Britannica

  1. Name the 2006, Padma Shree awardee who brought “Ayurveda to the west”?

Shahnaz Hussain



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