Brand Equity Quiz 2012 at Hyderabad

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All’s well that ends well still: the fine’s the crown;

Whatever the course, the end is the renown.

The Idea Brand Equity Quiz 2012 spent 10 days cruising its ultra-sleek quizzing vehicle through 9 Cities. And on November 16th, the team from BEQ and Derek O’Brien Associates promised the audience that they had saved up their customary best for the last, a sentiment, that 3 hours later was echoed by the hyper-stimulated and prize-laden audience. The evening turned out to be quite the quiz-tastic crowdpleaser, as those assembled got to witness multiple exciting rounds that were finely rounded off with a nail-biting finish.

The teams that made it on stage included two each from Google, Infosys and Vizag Steel with one from Medium Healthcare. As Mr. O’Brien began the quiz with the color-coding of the teams, he went on to spend a good amount of time bantering with the archetypally friendly Hyderabad audience. Prizes were awarded in quantities galore- for answering missed questions, audience questions and to some, for jokingly shouting out late Diwali and early Christmas greetings! A diverse range of characters interacted with Derek, including a schoolteacher who corrected the Quizmaster’s pronouncements of Telugu nuances!

The Six teams were narrowed down to 2 in a final elimination round as Google and Vizag Steel battled it out for a spot in the  National finals to be held in Mumbai. It was a very cinematic climax as both teams were tied at the exact score, as a crackling tension lingered across the hall of the Marigold Hotel. A buzzer question and the answer ‘Kit Kat’ ultimately tipped the final scale to Rahul and Murthy of Vizag Steel.

A knowledge-powered, prize-laden and highly, satisfied audience went back home, having witnessed a wonderful melange of Quizzing and Entertainment with a good seasoning of pure, simple collective fun. As endings only signify new beginnings, Hyderabad proved to be quite the perfect end to the qualifying Rounds for National Finals to be held on November 28th in Mumbai. Here’s to the Finals and Beyond!!!


On which day did Parvati and Shiva decree that gambling would bring prosperity?

Which shoe brand is named for its tough resilience, much like what crocodiles possess?

The highest award for Nursing in India is named after which personality?
Florence Nightingale

Who lives in Bedrock and is a Bronto Crane Operator by Profession?
Fred Flintstone

________ Peter to pay Paul. Fill in the Blank.

Where is Manek Bhavan situated?

The Bill Gates Foundation made a massive donation to Rotary International towards the fight against which disease?

Biz Stone recently signed a book deal for an autobiography titled ‘Things a little bird told me’.      Stone is the founder of which influential company?

The Union Budget is presented to the finance minister on colored papers of Green, Yellow or Blue?
Blue Papers with Black letters

Which Superachiever has his own logo that spells ‘RF’, designed by Michael Bierut?
Roger Federer.

The Antrix Corp. is a one stop station for all space related purchases. Serious or Joking?
Serious. The name is a corruption of “Antariksh”

Which Stock Market is the oldest among- Dow Jones, NASDAQ, Nikkei, NYESE?
Dow Jones Industrial Index

What is common between Juhi Parmar, Shweta Tiwari, Ashutosh Kaushik, Vindu Dara Singh and Rahul Roy?
They are all winner so the Indian Reality TV Show, ‘Bigg Boss’.

Which American Business Magnate, known for his phrase ‘You’re fired’, publicly rowed with Obama over his Birth Certificate?
Donald Trump

Which person has featured on maximum umber of national currencies?
Queen Elizabeth

Al Ries said, “________ didn’t invent computers. Sperry Rand did. But ______ was the first to build the computer position in the prospect’s mind”. Fill in the blank.

Which Nobel Prize Winner found the cure for Malaria in Hyderabad by offering strangers a few annas in return for a blood sample?
Ronald Ross

Which famous musician has 2 percent shares in Facebook?

Which company’s tagline is ‘World’s Largest Family’?

Sahara India

Which state in India accounts for maximum Matchstick Production?
Tamil Nadu

Which industrialist owns the Queenspark Rangers?
Laxmi Nivas Mittal

Which fictional character has had the maximum number of representations on TV, Screen and Radio?
Sherlock Holmes

Which company had a logo designed by Rob Janov and a tagline that said, ‘Byte into a ________’

Whose enemies are Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde?

What is the three letter term for an index developed byu Simon Kuznets to measure a country’s economy?


ROUND 1:- (Statements were provided and teams had to frame question)

The price of this item was recently fixed by the Pakistan Government at Rs. 6 per piece.
What is a Samosa?

This Asian Location has the highest Broadband Speeds in the world.
What is Hong Kong?

Salim-Javed hiked up their fees to 6 lakhs a script after the success of this movie.
What is Deewaar?

This was an Operation by the Indian Armed Forces in September 1948 to annex Hyderabad into the Indian Union?

What is Operation Polo?

This event was started to celebrate the marriage of Prince Ludwig to Princess Therse on October 12, 1812?
Why was Oktoberfest started?

This Beverage gets its name from a port city in Yemen
What is the origin of the name ‘Mocha’?


A recent, inflation-adjusted list of the world’s richest persons ever placed an Indian as the world richest man. Who?
The Nizam of Hyderabad.

What is a Lazy Susan?
A circular rotating device placed on a table to aid the movement of food.

What is Wardriving?

Wardriving is the process of trying to exploit public wi-fi networks while in a moving vehicle.

Which type of dog is always a Hush Puppy?
Basset Hound

Julian Mantle was a successful lawyer. Upon suffering a Heart Attack while in Court, he sold off his belongings and started a spiritual journey. What are we talking about?
The narrative template of Robin Sharma’s Bestseller- ‘The Monk who Sold his Ferrari.


  1. Identify the movie from the poster

The Bicycle Thief

  1. Identify the brand of chocolates

Lady Godiva

  1. Identify these dolls.

Thanjavur Dolls

  1.  What is being blanked out?

Laura Ries

  1. Identify this character from the “Skyfall” movie.

Miss Moneypenny

ROUND 4:- 

  1. In numismatics, what does FIDO stand for?
    Freaks, Irregulars, Defects, Oddities

2.Which word in the Oxford English Dictionary? is defined as ‘a rich mine; broadly : a source of great wealth.’?


  1. Jack Welch’s 4 E’s of leadership are Energy, Energizers, Edge and ________.


  1. Iranian Weavers always leave a deliberate imperfection in their works. Why?
    Because of the underlying belief that only God can be perfect.
  2. Which Indian published, in 1901, a book titled- Poverty and Un-British Rule in India, highlighting the depletion of Indian Resources and wealth by the British?
    Dadabhai Naoroji


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