Brand Equity Quiz 2012 at Chennai

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It all started two decades ago, the journey of Brand Equity Quiz, which has become one of India’s largest corporate quizzes conducted by Derek O’Brien, who has quizzing in his genes. The legacy continued its turn this year by conducting its 1st regional round at Chandigarh on November 1st and came to my city, Chennai on 8th of November. The quiz was held at ITC Sheraton Park, a premium 5 Star hotel in the heart of Chennai.

The banquet hall was packed with audience and Derek mentioned that the quizzing level at Chennai is incomparable with other cities. Andrew Scolt, one of the most experienced quizmasters in the country conducted the prelims in his trademark humorous manner and also made sure that he engaged the audiences. Lots of generous gifts were given to those who got correct answers in prelims.

Following the prelims was the brief recreational high tea, which was provided to all those who were present, where we got an opportunity to interact with many quizzers and made friends with them.  The most awaited moment followed the high tea, where the Top 6 was announced by the Derek O’Brien himself and assured that he would complete the quiz by 08:59 PM!!.

The finalists were,

1) Anish and Devi Karthi of Accenture (24)

2) Anil Kumar and Niladhri of Crisil (24)

3) Shri kanth and his team mate of Infosys (23)

4) Ramakrishnan and Bharat Ram of KPMG (24)

5) Sylvian and Ananthan of Maarga Systems (29)

6) Devi Prasad and Jaya kanthan of TCS (28)

Derek seemed to have had a special interest on the finalists from Maarga systems– maybe because of their unique company’s name and it became a hub for mockery throughout the quiz. He simply gave a coffee mug for a person who just said that his sister was an audience in the BEQ at Kolkata. The finals consisted of 6 rounds whose themes were so unique with some audience questions in between. Derek said humorously that the city of Chennai is a bachelor few of the audience and participants were married to provide gifts for women.

Last year’s winner, Crisel systems were knocked out unfortunately this year and the elite quizzers of TCS were crowned as winners and will be leaving to Mumbai for the Nat’l finals on 28th November, and Derek’s favorite (Maarga Systems) ended up as runners.

I entered the place thinking of “Luxury uncompromised and came back thinking “Quizzing uncompromised”.

PRELIMS:-(except audio)

  1. In 1953, who was the most famous foreigner to be gifted a Nalli saree?

Queen Elizabeth

  1. To commemorate what did Arcelor Mittal build UK‟s largest sculpture a few months ago?—

London Olympics

  1. Two plumbers in a mushroom kingdom fight out to rescue princess toadstool from the evil king Bowser. This is the plot of which game?—


  1. Seven out of ten matchboxes made in India is produced in which city?


  1. Trouser— Belt— Shirt— Shoe— Waist, Cuff, Tongue, Vamp, Welt, are the different parts of what?—


6.In 1869, which scientist got patent for his company for his invention of electric vote recorder?—

Thomas Alva Edison

  1. Peter Drucker’s quote:”Whatever progress ______ manufacturing has made in 30 years, we owe to Joseph Juran. Just fill in the blank.


  1. During WWII, Cipla supplied drugs to Indian soldiers to combat what?—


  1. Which universally recognizable symbol is based on Mobius loop?—

Recycle symbol—

  1. Where is the hub of Cathay Pacific?—

 Hong Kong.

  1. According to Forbes, which is the best Social Networking tool available to job seekers and professionals?—


12.— Sozni, Rezkar, Watchikan are the techniques of embroidery from which Indian state?


  1. Whose picture did Philippe Khan, the inventor of camera mobile in 1997 first shoot?

His baby daughter. It was the reason why he basically invented it.—

  1. On visit to India in 1911, King George V stored his Queen’s valuables in safe made by which company?


  1.  David Ogilvy once said: “Big _____ are usually simple ideas”


  1. Which footballer has the most number of fans in facebook counting over 50 million?—

Christiano Ronaldo

  1. Which common share market term has its origin from the Latin word meaning, “Something to be divided”—?


  1.  Before WIPRO took it over, which brand of soap was manufactured by Sri Kesavan Vaidyar in 1940s of Kerala?—


  1. Who is the oldest women to appear in Pirelli calendar?

Sophia Loren.

  1. In 1912, McMillan published the 1st edition of which work by a Nobel laureate?—


  1. Identify  the logo—

Bank of Baroda

  1. Identify the logo.

Mont Blanc—

  1. For bills and receipts, E&OE stands for Errors and _______ .


  1. Ivan Kemp, founder of IKEA wrote the book titled “A _______ dealer‟s testament”. Fill in the blank.


  1. Which brand tops Forbes inaugural list of the world’s most powerful brand?


  1. Which is the most successful film franchise of all the times?—

Harry Potter

  1. “You will wonder where the _____ went when you brush your teeth with Pepsodent”. Complete the tagline.



ROUND 1:- (The answers were provided and teams had to frame questions)

  1. These boots are named after Arthur Wellesley‟s Royal title.

After whom are the Duke of Wellingtons boots named?

  1. Priced at 5 Rupees, it is called as the Saptagiri magazine.

What is the official magazine of Tirumala Tirupati Devastanam?—

  1.  Nine small pyramids combining to form one large pyramid.—

What does the DLF logo look like?—

  1.  The French called it Diplome Grande Ecole, the Germans called it Diplom Kaufmann, the Italians called it Laura magistrate.—

What are the MBA equivalent in the respective countries?—

  1. Brij Bhyshyam Sahni Sangthi‟s iconic jingle for a personal care product.—

Who sang the Lifebuoy jingle?

ROUND 2:-  

  1. Why does Masuria malmal, from which the famous muslin sarees are made,   named as Masuria ?—

 Mysore (Mysore sarees)—

  1. When he was in advertising, he designed two covers for Nehru‟s “The Discovery of India”. Who

Satyajit Ray

  1. Isaac Singer wanted to increase the distribution channel by means of some method, meaning “free from servitude”  in French. How do we know that word today?


  1. The Japanese traditional garment, Kimonos, have different styles of stitches of which one of it owes its name to a place in Chennai, thus being called as ______ Checkers. Fill in the blank.


  1. Inspired by Istanbul‟s original Roman habitants, the Ottomans, built around 150 of these structures around 17th century. What were those structures?—

Water Tanks.

  1. What is upcycling?—

Recycling any product so that the recycled product is more valuable than the former.

Round 3:- 

  1. Identify the campaign

P&G MOM’s Campaign

  1. Identify the dish

Peking Duck—

  1. Who is the author of the book?


  1. Which company’s headquarters?

Rovio HQ

  1. Identify the movie from the cover


  1. Identify this personality.



  1. In 1930’s,the Esquare magazine called it the newest tailoring idea for men. What was it?


  1. Arthashastra says Asava(Sugarcane juice)— Prasanna(Barley)— Medaka(Rice) Myrya(Jagerry) are the ingredients for preparing what?

Alcoholic drinks

  1. To guide advertising industry, who are measured by Davie Brown index?


  1.  In marketing, what do you mean by the term Betamaxed ?—

A lower quality product, replacing a much superior product than itself, from the market as happened for Sonys Betamax by VHS

  1. What dubious distinction does the stock exchange at Haradheere hold?—

It is a stock exchange in Somalia, run by pirates, where people can make investments and gain shares on profits


  1. Connect: Swivel, Taco, Bar, Dyna TAC 800.

Mobile phones

  1. A boy named Babla is seen in the trademarked logo of this company, that derives its name from a word meaning “tasty” in Gujarati. Identify this production company.


  1.  In 2009, this club broke its own record for the highest transfer fee ever paid  in history of club football. Its members are called socios.— This football club‟s 1st shirt sponsor was Zanussi.

Real Madrid

  1. Whose Blackberry is called as Blackberry One ?—

Barack Obama—

  1. Which is the first tourism board in India to be registered as a brand?—

Kerala Tourism

  1. Earliest reference to X was in the Kannada writing of Shivakoti Acharya.


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