Brand Equity Quiz 2012 at Ahmedabad

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The Ahmedabad edition of Brand Equity Quiz 2012 was held at the Indian Institute of Management on 7th November. Although the number of teams participating in Ahmedabad was fewer as compared to other cities, the teams were very well prepared andthis was reflected in the cut-off for the top 6 teams in the prelims to be as high as 26 correct answers out of 30.
The 6 teams to make it to the final round were:-
1. Arvind Mills
2. Gujarat Gas
3. Can Immigration Services
4. Vodafone
5. Triton Communication
6. Endeavour Careers
Celebrity quizmaster Derek O’Brien kept the audience entertained with his witty remarks and generously gave away prizes ranging from coffee mugs and watches to cameras and mobile phones. The final was a heady mix questions from various sectors pertaining to the world of business. One of the major upsets of the quiz was the elimination of the defending champions Endeavour Careers & perennial crowd favourites Triton Communication in the early stages of the buzzer round. The battle continued till the very end and the winner of the quiz was decided on the basis of a tie breaker between Gujarat Gas &Arvind Mills.
The winning team – Rajeev & Ronak from Arvind Mills would represent the city in the national finals to be held in Mumbai on November 28th.
PRELIMS(except the A/V):
1. Zandu Pharmaceuticals was established on a piece of land near the river Rangamati. The king of which erstwhile princely state donated this land?
2. Daag achche hain is the tagline of which product?
Surf Excel
3. The outlawing of logging in Thailand during the early 1990’s left thousands of domesticated _________ out of work?
4. What is the term for the amount of CO2released by an organization, industry or person?
Carbon footprint
5. Prior to this (event), Gloria was the last one to shut down the NYSE. What?
Hurricane Sandy
6. Australian mining company Rio Tinto supplied 8 tonnes of gold for which sporting event held recently?
London Olympics
7. On which channel is the Bournvita Quiz Contest telecast?
8. Which of the 5 Pandavas lost 1000 golden nishkas& 1000 chariots to Duryodhana in wager?
9. Which was the first social networking website to be valued at $100 billion?
10. In 1950, Peter Drucker was the first to suggest that companies treat their employees as _______ instead of liabilities.
11. When Anil Ambani joined Reliance, he dropped the word ‘only’ from which brand?
12. What connects Bajaj to MaharanaPratap?
13. What was the name of the moneylender in Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice?
14. Aligarh is famous for manufacture of which product?
15. What does E in NEFT stand for?
16. How many people are expected to visit Antarctica in 2012?
A.10000 B. 35000 C. 50000
17. Who decided to pursue a career in aviation after a joyride in an aircraft at Hardelot, France at the age of 15?
JRD Tata
18. Which food item did Sanjay Dutt’s character sell in the movie Vaastav?
19. If IIM Calcutta was the first IIM to be set up, which was the second?
20. Which Asian airline has an IATA code of SQ?
Singapore Airlines
21. Which Indian state is most frequented by luxury train routes?
22. If you buy a product from brand TJ, where was it manufactured?
Tihar Jail
23. Which India-born director living in USA has a production house called Mirabai Films?
Mira Nair
24. On which cookie would you find a design of 12 flowers, 12 dots and 12 dashes per side?
FINALS (except the A/V questions):

Answers to some questions were provided and the teams had to come up with the questions
1. Progress through Knowledge in Sanskrit
A. What is the motto of IIM Ahmedabad?
2. A personal hygiene product manufactured using saponification reaction
A. What is soap?
3. DhirajbenRuparel named this product so for being tasty
A. What does Lijjat (papad) mean?
4. This plastic equipment manufactured by Acme Corporation is used in all FIFA matches
A. Who manufactures the whistles used by referees infootball games?
5. It is the most popular type of cheese in USA
A. What is mozzarella?
6. Bangladesh gets half of its fuel wood from this place in India
A. What are the Sunderbans?
1.Mother Dairy runs stores called Safal which sell perishable goods. Why were the stores named Safal?
Sabzee + Fal
2. In modern day media, what does EQ mean?
Engagement Quotient
3. Which term was popularized by Alex Faickney Osborn in the 1953 book Applied Imagination?
4. Chennai based Nalli’s Silks came up with a shade called MS Blue to honor which person?
M.S Subbalaxmi
5. What are Trinidad Moruga Scorpion, Trinidad Scorpion Butch T Scorpion and Hainan Yellow Lantern some types of?
6. According to a survey by Nielsen, what is biggest cause of worry for working Indians?
Job security
1. About 110 Nobel Prize winners, 20 Heads of States and 5 US Presidents have contributed to which widely referred literature?
Encyclopaedia Britannica
2. In marketing jargon, who are mystery shoppers?
Customers sent by a company to its own outlets/retailers to conduct surveys
3. Which brand of tennis balls have been used at the Wimbledon Championship since its inception?
4. Which popular packaging product would you associate with a company called Sealed Air?
Bubble Wrap
5. Which marketing fundamental was proposed by Jerome McCarthy in 1960?
4 P’s
6. Which is the world’s largest producer of Aspartame[actual question had a discrepancy]?
ROUND 4 (buzzer):-
1. Which firm started in 1911 is the second largest employer in USA?
2. Which apex Indian body was set up in 1927 on the recommendation of Mahatma Gandhi?
3. The first salesperson for which company was a lady named Persis Albee?
Avon Products
4. In 1912, who asked Edison to manufacture a battery for self-starting automobiles?
Henry Ford
5.What have Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan and Rod Stewart insured at Lloyd’s?
6. Name the only coffee brand by Unilever.
7. If Milk: White Revolution, ________: Round Revolution?
8. Connect rainbows to a low-cost airline in India.
9. In the petroleum industry, what is a BBL?
Oil Barrel

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