If you happened to be a quizzing plus a cricket fan, you would not have wanted to be anywhere else but in Bangalore during this weekend!!! With the second test match between India and NewZealand having started yesterday, fans here were treated to some cricket action finally after a long break. Yes the crowds did not fill up the Chinnaswamy stadium as fast as how the auditorium witnessed a huge turnout of close to 250 people at Royal Orchid Plaza. They turned up to showcase their mettle and rattle their grey cells for the prestigious TATA CRUCIBLE corporate edition, 2012. As a quizzing enthusiast, this was a treat to watch. The scheduled start of 2 PM was delayed slightly as teams were still coming in. It did start at 2.30 and the theme for the quiz was “Expect the Unexpected”. And unexpected it was as Pic Brain was nowhere to be seen. Lyod Saldhana stepped in as the quizmaster and we learnt that Pic Brain was at another quizzing event in Bangalore and would reach on time for the finals. Lloyd kept the crowd entertained with his witty one-liners that had us all laughing. Thus after 30 mins of prelims and a further 45 mins of corrections, the Bangalore finals was ready to roll. These were the 6 teams on stage:-

Rohan & Tejaswi Udupa- YAHOO
Vinod & Mahesh- HSBC
Yagnesyeshwaram & Mitesh- ORACLE
Rajeev & Sambit- DELL
Arjun & Venkatesh- TENVIC
Prasad & Sudindra- ING LIFE

After the teams took their strategic positions, Pic Brain kickstarted the event in his trademark style. ORACLE was off the blocks for a quick start but ING LIFE was not far behind. Both teams were fast on the buzzers and the other teams were beaten for pace. So after 2 rounds, innovatively named as TIPS&TRICKS and BUSINESS APPRAISAL, it was touch and go between ORACLE and ING. It was in the next two rounds where all teams showed flashes of brilliance that had the audience spellbound with the answers. The best line of the day surely belonged to Pic Brain when a team gave the wrong answer and he remarked “Invariably accurately incorrect”. ING LIFE soon followed the same path and ended up giving the lead to ORACLE- who stormed in the final rounds to emerge the worthy winners. They ended up being richer by Rs 75000 which was Rs 40000 more than the runner ups- ING LIFE. They were not the only ones to get richer though. Those who witnessed the event will vouch for the fact that they went home rich with knowledge and trivia- the very essence of any CRUCIBLE QUIZ.



  1. Maria Sharapova has launched a brand of candies such as “Cheeky”, “Sporty”, “Flashy”. What is it called as?
  2. Which company was inspired by Luxo, a Norway based company whose name in Latin means “I give light”?
  3. Which company tops the list of “Top Sales/square feet rentals”?
  4. With respect to inauguration, what was common to Union Bank and Hindustan Times?
  5. What is common to Chinese, Japanese and Korean translation of “Round Objects”?
  6. Who’s positioning is “Where learning meets fun”?
  7. The TIMES issue of “The Political Confessions of Billy Graham” was controversial for what reason?


  1. Osaifu Ketai is a trademark that is owned by NTT DOCOMO. What service does it provide?
  2. This organization underwent a rebranding after 62 years and Water, a Mudra brand, has worked on it. The old tagline of “Excellence with Integrity” changed for “For Greater Good”. The major change was dropping of its place of origin from the logo. Identify the organization.
  3. On June 2nd, 2011, she became the first woman to occupy the topmost position at her company. Forbes voted her as number 5 in the list of “Most Powerful Woman in the World”. Identify the person and company.
  4. This phrase was coined by Yale Yirsch in 1972 in the Stock Trading Almanac. He was referring to the phenomenon of rise in stock prices in last week of December. What is the phrase?
  5. What is being blanked out?


  1. Which Indian company gets its name from the Gujurati words of Tiger and goat?
  2. Identify the logo.

Ans:- SUPER 30

  1. About 208 million copies are published in 43 countries consisting of 62 versions. The production facility is one of the largest in Europe. What are we talking about?
  2. Who runs India’s most watched YouTube channel of all time?
  3.  Whose ad


  1. In an attempt to sensitize workforce towards the travails of coal mines, this organization screened “Gangs of Wasseypur” in 27 project sites. Which company?
  2. Two names X and Y are missing from this list. Who?
    Steve Wood, Bob Wallace, Jim Lane, Bob O Rear, Bob Greenberg, Mark Mc Donald, Gordon Letwin, Andria Lewis, Marla Wood, X and Y.
  3. Which brand was coined by Alice Binney, wife of company’s co-owner by joining Craie, French word for chalk with ola, meaning oily?
  4. What was designed and patented in California by Dr Robert Hutson, a periodontist in 1950’s?
    Ans:-ORAL B
  5. Which company introduced “Good to Know” campaign in Hindi for Indian users to protect themselves from online information?
  6. Who is the title sponsor of Champions League T20 in South Africa to be held later this year?
  7. He is an independent member of Rajya Sabha and owns Asianet, Suvarna and recently purchased Kannada Prabha. Idnetify him.


  1. With which TN based company would you associate the following with:-
    Raja Ravi Verma’s Hamsa, 7 wonders of the world, Warli paintings, Thirukurai, Penance of Arjuna at Mahabalipuram.



  1. Which social networking, microblogging site developed by Google in 2010 was discontinued in 2011?


  1.  Connect- Image of Louis Chevrloet, Manchester United video and Image of Transformers movie-


  1. A village called Soda is located 60 kms from Jaipur. It falls in Tonk District and is one of the most backward districts. What is it’s claim to fame?


  1. Wundsch Weinding, that produces functional plastic parts and systems for automotive industries has a tie up with which Indain company?


  1. This person is Gyanchandani. What is he famous for?


  1. With which Indain store has Amazon tied up to sell it’s e-book reader Kindle?


  1. Image ofMobile toiletsduring London Olympics 2012.
  2. “_______ is a simple yet powerful verb which defines our Group and succinctly sums up the aspirations of our stakeholders and employees. When we spoke to customers across the world, all of them without exception expressed a strong sense of optimism about the future and shared a common desire to _____, to succeed and create a better future for themselves”. Fill in the blank.


  1. Connect- Image of Cincom R07, Old Compaq logo, The Dark Knight movie, United States Flight Sqaudron.


  1. It was introduced in Japan during 1964 Olympics and is nicknamed for  appearance and speed. What are we talking about?


  1. In 1917, it became Japan’ frist producer of vitreous china sanitary and is now the world’s largest plumbing products manufacturer. Which company?

Ans:- TOTO

  1. Image of meeting rooms ofKBNP



  1. Connect- Image of Ray, Airtel ad, Brand Union, GVK.

Ans:- Ray+Keshavan

  1. TATA International has a tie up with PUCCI SRL of Italy which is into leather manufacturing.  Which brand is it introducing?


  1. Mel Sampat started a dating site for all Apple users. It has over 27000 users of “Mac Heart” who must compulsorily own an Apple product and sign up through Safari. What is the name of the site?


  1. M&M launched its frist SUV called Quanto. On what platform did it design this car?

Ans:– XYLO

  1. The Milanese publishing Modo&Modo company introduced which brand of notebooks?


  1. Connect:- Travelport, Indigo ad, Accor, Hudson&Nellis.


  1. Image ofSergio Tacchini
  2. Tanishq recently launched a gold coin in honour of her. The proceeds would be donated towards her favoured causes of combating cancer and diabetes. Identify the person.



  1. Clue 1: Image of Google Maps showing it’s different locations

Clue 2:- Started in 1952 by Narayan Rao as Hot Chocolate Fudge Room.


  1. This outlet was established by British in 1908 and later taken over by MW Mahadeva.


  1. Clue 1:- Started in 1968 by SNS Rao

Clue 2:- Its patrons include Dr. Rajkumar and family as well as MF Hussain

Clue 3:-It has a Tavoli Garden that serves roti, idlis and filter ‘kofi’.



  1. Two French words that stands for over & more.


  1. Faye Miss Lingerie is the best known product.


  1. Started in 1979 by Jaiprakash Gaur.




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The Ahmedabad Leg of ‘Tata Crucibles 2012 – The Business Quiz’ was held on 25th August at IIM, Ahmedabad. The day was Saturday and at 2:30 in the afternoon with a slight monsoon breeze blowing it was perfect weather for the ultimate business quiz. There were teams coming in from all over Gujarat, from Surat, Rajkot and everywhere in between. The venue was abuzz at the stipulated time with grey-top gentlemen who had taken an afternoon off mingling with their younger counter parts who still had a fresh out of college aura about them. In all their were around 50 odd teams from various companies like L&T, L&T Finance, IBM, Siemens, Adani, Neilsen, Vodafone, Thermax etc.

This year a change was introduced in the format, where in the number of prelim questions depended upon the no. of teams that turned up at a particular venue. Giri deemed Ahmedabad to have a little more competition than some other cities and so deemed 25 questions to be the right no. for the prelims. Another change was that the wildcard round was scrapped as 25 questions were deemed enough to separate the teams. The top 6 teams were to make it to the finals.

Prelim Questions:

  1. Name the cosmetic co. which has been featured frequently on TV recently and was founded by Darshan Patel who was co-promoter of ‘Paras Pharma’.


  1. Which auto major tied up with ‘Defiance Tech of Hinduja Group’ to setup a dedicated social media center? Hint : Its sales received a 12% jump after this and it’s a global co.


  1. Which co. has scholarship program called turning point? Hint: One of the largest computer educators in India and uses a sports person as brand ambassador.


  1. Which Indian IT CEP has charity called ‘sampark’? Hint: Was recently in news for authoring a book, among the top 5 IT co.s, started in a garage in Coimbatore.

Vineet Nayar

  1. Device pic:Nokia Luna headset
  2. Mumbai based ‘The shirt co.’ is exclusive franchise in India for which iconic clothing range and a legendary toy range associated with it which is a huge global rage?


  1. Which brand launched the Madagascar 3 series of watches in India?

Zoop from Titan

  1. Which union minister leads ‘Ceejay Group’ and so consequently is referred to as ‘Bidi Maharaj’?

Praful Patel

  1. In 1899 a patent was given to William Middlebrook for the design of X. He sold the patent to American firm, Cushman and Denison who trademarked it in 1904. Today X is a generic product. Hint: It is found without fail in each and every office.

Paper clips

  1. Logo ofVictorinox
  2. This magazine was founded in 1892 by Princeton Graduate Arthur Baldwin Turnure and backed by wealthy NYC residents. Magazine aimed to be a dignified, authentic journal of society and fashion. It was primarily pictorial and not textual.


  1. Name the co. whose 100 products dating between 1946 and 1958 are housed in the Smithsonian Institution. Its first invention was ‘The Wonderlier Bowl’. Hint: Cook in kitchen.


  1. Two women are part of the Forbes 2012 list of highest paid sports stars. First is Maria Sharapova. Name the second one who is an Asian.

Li Na

  1. Martin Nodell the creator of the ‘Green Lantern’ is credited with creating a famous ad icon which is known for the ‘tummy poke’. Hint: Every ad featuring this character ends with a tummy poke and the character going into giggles.

Pillsbury Dough Boy

  1. Picture of Rock of Gibraltar. Asked to identify the logo inspired from it.

Prudential Financial

  1. What in India was named after the first spacecraft to land on the moon reflecting the promoter’s vision of the enterprise being the first and foremost in all its chosen fields?

Apollo Hospitals

  1. Kenneth Daigneau, an actor from NYC won 100$ for suggesting a name to Hormel Food. Hint: Hormel foods own this 4 letter word that’s popular in the modern world


  1. How do we know the dry goods store, ‘The Golden Rule Store’ which was previously owned by T.M.Callahn. (Hint: The store gave discount on cash and confusion on name comes from James Cash)

JC Penny

  1. Abram Games is famous for logo of the ‘Festival of Britain’. He also created first identity of a media conglomerate that was earlier known as ‘Bats Wings’.


  1. Pic of LN Mittal’s Son
  2. It was the brainchild of Lt. Gen. Harry Lumsden and was first used by the Corps of Guides which was the most famous of the regiments of the Indian army during British rule. Hint: It is still used in India.


  1. SS Nadkarni, RH Patil and Ravi Narain gave up their jobs in IDBI bank in 1992 to find and promote a financial institution as a corporate body.  Which institution?


  1. It was started in 1980 by Prakash Lakhani with 4 stitching machines and was registered as M/S Ganga and Co. Hint: Created a huge vertical for kids in the word of apparel.

Gini and Jony

  1. Daniel M Lewis founded this in 1998 with his Prof. F Tom Leighton and fellow graduate Jonathan Seeling. Daniel died in 9/11 aboard the American Airlines flight.

Akamie Technologies

  1. The scooter model Yamaha Ray is promoted by which Indian actress. Hint: She was chosen for agility and fitness.

Deepika Padukone

Finalists were:

1. Anand Ladgaonkar and Nikhil Shah – Thermax Ltd

2.Sumit Bengali and Kaushik Ghosh – Gujarat Gas Co. Ltd.

3.Mohit Raj and Sashwat Omar – Petronet LPG

4.Sushim Mohanty and Nikhil Soni – Vodafone

5.Mahesh Manjawala and Mayur Rana –Triton Communications

6.Kushan Patel, S Meghashyam – Endeavour Careers Pvt Ltd.

For the finals Pickbrain had made another change. Every city was to have a different format in the finals. This was done to ensure that contestants prepared for a quiz and not a particular round.

The first round in Ahmedabad was ‘Tips and Tricks’. It was a 12 question round with 6 clockwise and 6 anticlockwise. As a question is being read, any team can hit the buzzer and try for it. The buzzer hitting team will get the question at scoring pattern +10/-5. If nobody hit the buzzer it would go to the team that it was intended for a +10. Passing was +5. No negatives if you didn’t hit the buzzer.

Round 1:

1.Name the billion dollar cloud computing business started by Marc Benioff, who is a former Oracle executive. Ans: Salesforce.com

  1. Connect: Bruce Lee, Singapore $10, Bhawani Textiles and Rowdy Rathore. Ans:Dollar Club Hosiery.
  2. David A Pendlebury is a history graduate. He has been predicting Nobel winners since 2002 on the basis of number and influence of papers, citations etc. for a particular company. Which co.? Ans:Reuters
  3. At Detroit Auto Show, Tata’s EMO was on display. Where does the word EMO come from? Ans:Electric Motion
  4. Photo of Vineet Nayar (HCL CEO) and Vineet Nayar (MAHINDRA-SATYAM CEO). Id both.
  5. Which e-commerce giant partnered Tata Docomo to launch Deal Zone? Ans:Snapdeal
  6. ID the device. Steve Jobs holding aloft an envelope. Ans:Macbook Air
  7. X went public in 1971. Y also went public on the same day. One year later X’s share prize was twice of Y. The stock market analysts observed that “Wall Street has spoken: Its memories over mammaries.” Id X and Y. Ans:X-Intel, Y-Playboy
  8. Visual Connect leading to answer asAshok Leyland.
  9. Which is the first Indian jewelry brand to be sold at Harrod’s, London? Ans:Amrapali
  10. The CEO of which company tweeted: “Today’s my last day at ____. I’ll miss it. Seems only fitting to end on a #haiku.” Ans:Jonathan Schwartz of SUN Microsystems.
  11. Ad for the coolest job in the world. References to going to pubs, parties and like. Which co.? Ans:Sab Miller

Round 2: Business Appraisal

It was 8 questions all straight on buzzer.

  1. Connect: Purple club, Subroto Roy Sahara, Tokangi and Jack Fruit. Ans:Durian, durian is another name for jackfruit.
  2. Tata entered which country with 4*4 trucks recently? Options: Malaysia, South Africa or Singapore? Ans:Malaysia.
  3. Students of Ecole Centrale, Paris collected this object from the streets. Many doing so after intense drinking and these objects then became the inspiration for what? Ans: VLC logo.
  4. Count Francesco Bracca was an Italian who was world war 1 ace. What was his contribution to business in Italy? Ans: Ferrari logo.
  5. X approached Dr. B C Roy for financing. B C Roy took out money from the funds of the public works department citing that the project would benefit roads as its name sounded such. Which ‘project’ which was not even remotely associated with roads? Ans:Financing of Pather Panchali.
  6. Visual connect on Chupa Chups logo.
  7. Borgeaud is a marquee Swiss watch maker which developed a special watch which had Indian influence in one of the things it could tell. What was the Indian thing that it could tell? Ans: Rahu Kaalam

Round 3: A round of 3 questions. No. of blanks in the answer told how many letters the answer it had. If answered within 30 seconds, then score is +15 else +10. On buzzer and wrong answer is -5.

  1. Connect: Rakesh Malhotra, Navneet Kapoor, Sunil Bhalla, Schneider Electric, Sachin Tendulkar.8 letter answer. Ans:Luminous
  2. Connect: Divya, Fastest Growing, US Army guide. 8 Letter answer. Ans:Pinterest
  3. Connect: Leslie Scott, 1970’s, Swahili for ‘to built’. 5 letter answer. Ans:Jenga

After 2 hours grueling quizzing the results was out. The team from Endeavour careers created a record by being the first team to cross 100 points in a city round with 115 points. The second team was Petronet LNG at 15 points.

This review is credited to Aditya Akhauri, a quizzing enthusiast who witnessed the event.


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Review of Askqance 2012 By Daksha Ballal July 25, 2012




At the outset, you would think if Karnataka Quiz Association picked the right weekend to host their annual “ASKQANCE “quiz event which happened on July 21st. After all, this was the weekend of “The Dark Knight”- the movie that has captured the attention of all age groups. You wouldn’t expect students from Middle and High school to spend close to an entire Saturday at a quiz event. Not to forget to mention under-graduate and post-graduate students. They would have probably preferred to occupy the seats of Inox or PVR to catch their superhero. Right? Well, this is Bangalore- the traditional quizzing hotspot in the country. And when an organization like KQA hosts the event, people surely turn up. Hence, it was absolutely great to see a crowd of close to 200 people throng St. John’s auditorium- venue of the event. Organizing one quiz event is a tough task in itself- but to pull of 4 quiz events in a single day requires expertise which the team of KQA has in abundance. Probably this was the USP of the event- 4 in 1 day!!!! So if you were a quizzing enthusiast, this would have meant a bonanza.

Teams from across the country attended the event.

And they were from the premier institutions too. NITK, Surathkal had two teams and so was a team from BITS PILANI, Rajasthan present. Rounds were innovatively named as Currency Affairs– where all questions were based on quirky facts relating to coins. So if you were a numismatist, you would have been juggling with this round!!!! And then there was the Derailer- where teams could choose to target each other with questions relating to specific themes. There were a lot of historical facts and one really had to put on their thinking caps to work around the clues. Now that’s the essence of quizzing. Teams that were able to crack the tough questions missed out on the relatively easy ones. To catch them saying “Oh Noooo” was priceless.  Nevertheless, it was a competitive event and even though there could be just one winner, all those witnessing the event went home soaking in the rich knowledge that “ASKQANCE’ had to offer.



Q1. This coin was released in 2001 commemorating a fictional character. Who?

Ans 1: HEIDI

Q2. A fourth grader from Arizona, Sofi Collis won an essay writing competition organised by X which included this excerpt- “I used to live in an orphanage. It was dark and cold and lonely. At night I would look up and see the sky and I felt better. Thank you for the spirit and opportunity.”

Identify X and what happened subsequently?

Ans 2: X is NASA and the competition was organised to name their Mars Explorers. Hence, the name Spirit and Opportunity from the winning essay.


Q3. This symbol is the trademark of Kuwait Petroleum International. The company’s products are sold in some countries under this symbol. It adorns the gas stations as well. What is the symbol?

Ans 3: Q8(Just like Kuwait!!!!)


Q4. These houses are a common feature in North East England. The colours of these houses are derived from a bird and the supporters of the local club around this area are referred to the same name. What is it?

Ans 4: MAGPIE HOUSES. The club is Newcastle United who play in the English Premier League.  This is the magpie bird.

Q5. This term is a sharp object that could damage ships and was found in freshwater. Later, it became a common in the aviation business. What was it?

Ans 5: SNAG.


CLUE 1:- This Company derives its name from a middle age instrument and supplies audio components to NISSAN.

CLUE 2:- In 2005, it staged ADDZEST- a product presentation for media companies and distributors in the USA. Which company?


Q7.  David Bowie turned down the offer saying it was inappropriate to what business he did. Lennon, Moore, Vanessa Redgrave and Huskey have followed suit. Which Indian has done the same thing?

Ans 7: Rabindranath Tagore refusing the Knighthood as a protest against Jallianwala Bagh massacre of 1919.

Q8. Etymologically, the term originated as a Christ reference representing the sufferings of Jesus crucified. It is also used as an informal label applied to someone regarded as excessively sympathetic, liberal in a political sense, or both. The below picture captures the term the best and the flower is called as “The Plant of Romance”. What term?




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QuizWorks Launches “I am a Quizzer” Campaign! July 20, 2012


With a view to celebrate the spirit of quizzing, and the quizzing community, Quizworks launches “I am a Quizzer”  campaign. This campaign defines the attitude a quizzer carries, and reflects his/her passion towards it. A quizzer to us, is intense, often opinionated, curious and can easily stand his ground in any discussion. He is ‘You’ and this campiagn is our humble attempt at lauding you for being what you are.

The “I am a Quizzer” campaign runs digitally, featuring some of the passionate quizzers present across the nation, like Diptakirti Chaudhuri, a marketing professional at a leading media organisation, Loveleen Misra – an engineering design manager at a leading automotive company and Aviral Dasgupta, a student at one of the top schools of the country.






But in affect, this campaign is to celebrate each and every quiz enthusiast – past and present. And QuizWorks, as one of the fastest growing quizzing companies in India, feels proud to be part of such a community. In a country like India, where Knowledge has been celebrated across centuries we beleive that everyone has a quizzer within them and the campaign aims at helping people find it.




 Expressing his views on the launch, Mr. Raj Dam – Founder, QuizWorks says

“I am a Quizzer apart from being a quizmaster and I love the fact that I get to learn so many things through it. This campaign aims to help people find out the quizzer within them”

QuizWorks would love to have you express solidarity to this campaign by sharing it with your friends and family, posting it as your FB cover pic for a day and in any other form that you can. Happy Quizzing!



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