The audience at the quiz night held at Crowne Plaza, Bahrain

How a Quiz Show can be used as a Community Engagement Idea

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This board game originated from India and was called “mokshapatamu”. The object of the game is to navigate one’s game piece, to evade vices and follow virtue, ultimately leading to nirvana. Identify this game.

Kakori, Shami, and Döner are some of the varieties of a popular food that originated in Persia, now found worldwide. Which food item?

These were some of the questions that were asked at Mastermind 2018 – a quiz contest organised by QuizWorks, India’s leading quiz company, for the Indian expats and their families in Bahrain. The quiz show consisted of 400 people who are Persons of Indian origin but settled in Bahrain and working for large organisations there. There was a need to host a quiz night for community engagement of family audience where the entire family including children took part in the contest. Out of 150 people who took the prelims, 18 people or Top 6 teams made it to the finals of the quiz competition.

Community Engagement
The audience at the quiz night held at Crowne Plaza, Bahrain

Held at the beautiful Crowne Plaza Hotels, the finals consisted of 5 Rounds covering diverse topics from Sports, Current Affairs, History, Business, Technology etc.  Raj Dam, founder of QuizWorks, was the quizmaster for the evening.  The questions and host’s presentation style kept the audience engaged for over 2 hours. At the end, Top 3 winners were given prizes while audience received a lot of prizes for answering audience questions.

Raj Dam, founder of QuizWorks, was the quizmaster for the quiz event
Raj Dam, founder of QuizWorks, was the quizmaster for the quiz event


Here is a testimonial from the Chairperson of Bahrain Chapter of ICAI:

“It was a wonderful Quiz, we had in Bahrain, conducted for the first time for the CA Members in the entire Middle east countries. Initially members were bit hesitant. As the Quiz date was nearing, we got 30 teams of 3 members each for the preliminary round. From there 6 teams were chosen for the Finale. The finale was attended by more than 200 members and their families. All the attendees praised the Quiz Master Mr. Raj for the thoughtful questions and the way he conducted the Quiz. Definitely there was lot to learn from the quiz but there was lots of entertainment for all. To conclude, I should say, it was a wonderful Quiz show, very able Quiz master and thoroughly enjoyed by all the attendees. Definitely, we are going to have more shows in the near future.”


If you are interested in conducting a quiz competition for any of your employee engagement activities/ corporate events/customer engagement activities, please reach us at [email protected].


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Diversity Quiz

QuizWorks helps multinational property management firm with a Diversity and Inclusion initiative

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The client is a global property management company  with nearly 300 corporate offices, operations in over 80 countries and a global workforce of nearly 80,000. India, with 10,000 + employees and with large business operations, is one of the most important geographies for the company.

Being a property management firm, with properties including offices, factories, housing complexes, SEZ’s etc, it has a huge in field operations team – 90% of which are male. In a scenario like this, as part of its global policies, it was important for the company to create an awareness program for Diversity and Inclusion within the company.


The client needed an initiative that can cover the 90% of its work force, who are in field, managing properties and not necessarily in office. So classroom sessions of education was not feasible in terms of time and money.

The initiative should be able to generate enough interest for people to participate voluntarily and at the same time educate them on gender sensitivity.

High impact, high engagement, and highly technology driven engagement was required to simultaneously engage thousands of employees within the country


To help the client educate its employees on Diversity and Inclusion, QuizWorks designed a 2 prong approach – engaging field operations through a mobile based gamified quizzing and then hosting a live quiz at Mumbai for shortlisted teams.

The quiz was branded as QuizVersity – and teams were asked to be formed basis on one of any below 3 conditions –

  • Diverse by age (a gap of 10 years)
  • Diverse by Gender ( Male + female)
  • Diverse by Geography ( colleagues from different locations).

The content for the quiz comprised from topics like race, religion, gender, age, art and culture, cuisine etc. The engagement initiative was spread across 7 days for all employees of the company. As the scoring, ranking and shortlisting were completely automated, the client could conduct the event simultaneously across the country

The Key elements were:

  • Phase 1: Online and Mobile based gamified  Quiz – As a qualifying round, participants were quizzed about diversity and inclusion – the companies philosophy, and real world examples as per the topics mentioned above.
  • Phase 2: Shortlisted teams had to go through another round of quizzing, this time with higher level of difficulty. Top 5 teams were chosen basis their score and time taken to complete the quiz.
  • Phase 3: Face-to-face Quizzing – The ‘Grand Finale’ as it was called was held at Mumbai, where the 5 top teams were flown in and started with a keynote from the CEO. The teams were awarded interesting prizes like Laptop, Mobile phones etc



Participation – More than 50% of the workforce took part in the online initiative thus sensitizing themselves on Diversity and Inclusion as a subject

Engagement – 90 % + of the participants rated the content to be highly informative and engaging because of in built game mechanics like challenge, progression, sociality, rewards etc

Highly cost effective in terms of reaching 10,000 + workforce through this strategy. The client team got an “internal best practice” award for this initiative

If you like a similar initiative to be organised in your company, do reach me out at [email protected]

Before you leave, check out some of the questions for this quiz

  • Vikings are an ethnic race from which geographical region of the world?
  • “A Brief History of Time” is the name of one of the famous books he authored. Despite being challenged from ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis), a motor neuron disease, he is one of the most admired scientists in physics. Identify him.
  • Kilt is a knee length, non-bifurcated, skirt type garment with pleats at the rear. This is a traditional wear of men and boys of which nationality?

Continue reading QuizWorks helps multinational property management firm with a Diversity and Inclusion initiative

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Gamification and quizzing for Recruitment and Employer Branding

Gamification and quizzing for Recruitment and Employer Branding

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“Will you fit into our organization?” an innocuous question that the world’s largest professional services firm asked its potential recruits last year – just that it did not ask this question face to face, but in the form of an interactive gamified recruitment video. This video chronicles the journey (A-Day-In-Life) of a young new hire and gives him scenarios that he has to choose, which are commensurate with the company’s corporate values. The correct answer is then highlighted. It’s a great way of turning boring recruitment videos into an interesting format, engaging young recruits, and educating them on the behavior that the organization expects from its employees; thus enabling a potential recruit to figure out if he/she is the right fit for the company.

The gamification trend is fast catching up and leading global brands are using gamification tools and techniques to attract and hire talent. They have to – Forbes estimates that by the year 2025, 75% of the global workforce would be millennials, and just this fact would fundamentally challenge how we recruit, induct, and engage with prospective employees. And therefore traditional recruitment systems and techniques of the last century don’t hold good anymore.

Recruitainment is Recruitment V2.0

A leading global diversified hospitality company asks potential recruits to go through real life scenarios through a “Virtual Kitchen”. A potential ‘candidate’ or a ‘player’ walks through the virtual kitchen and deals with scenarios such as handling an irate customer, ordering groceries, and managing the kitchen. The company then analyzes the data of the players, figures out the guys who can handle stress and deliver orders on time, and calls them for the next round, eliminating interview costs and saving time and money on hiring a wrong candidate.

Employer branding is commonly defined as “an image a company projects as a potential employer to a desired target audience”. A closer look will throw out three keywords:

Projection/Promotion and
Target Group/Audience

Now, a brand fundamentally has a unique position in a customer’s mind. The perception therefore needs to be ideated by the company, but once it does that, quizzing and gamification comes extremely handy in delivering (projection/promotion) the message to a given target audience.

A leading Indian multinational automobile manufacturing corporation has done this beautifully. In the last decade or so, the manufacturing sector has lost considerable talent to the IT/ITES sector, primarily because of the huge appetite of IT firms for recruiting engineering graduates irrespective of their branch/specialization. The automobile giant wanted to fix this. They realized that instilling “auto passion” in young minds and showcasing the company’s heritage and current work would result in the organization taking a “preferred employer” position among e-school and b-school students. Thus was born a gamified quiz for e-school and b-school students (currently also open to working executives). Today this project reaches out to more than 60 locations across the country, has received multiple awards, and is one of the most recalled campus events in the country. Some of the game elements that are used in this include competition, collaboration, challenge, status, progression, instant feedback, achievements, rewards, points, etc.

Gamification enables employer branding specialists to engage deeper with prospective employees, as gamification helps dig into the intrinsic motivation of any candidate/player and engage him/her meaningfully with the company’s core messaging. This is a technique that is set for exponential growth globally in the recruitment and employer branding space.

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Quizzing Innovation

How quizzing can be used to sustain a culture of innovation

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A leading American multinational conglomerate, which uses science and innovation in their day to day operations, values the importance of sustaining the culture of innovation in their workplace and community. While their employees are imbibed with such values from Day 1, there was a need to engage their community of buyers and articulate the theme of innovation.

Designed as a feature of the Workshop which the company imparts, an Innovation Quiz was created and hosted by QuizWorks. Content was based around Innovation in Technology, Movies, Companies, Day to Day Life and other areas. The audience profile was VP’s and Senior Managers of Supply Chain Management, Delivery and Design at leading Indian companies.

This initiative was done as a fun exercise to engage the audience. Questions were in the form of Text, Visuals and Audio Videos.

Have a look at the questions asked:-

Q1. Made famous by MS Dhoni, it is a wristy whip shot, but uses a lot more bottom hand and has more pronounced bat swing. The quick rotation of the blade in the follow through of the shot also explains the name associated with the shot.  What are we talking about?

Q2. According to popular lore, this dish originated in 1683 as a celebration of Austrian victory over the Ottomans at the siege of Vienna.  The story follows that a baker saved the city when he heard the Turks tunneling underneath the city and sounded an alarm.  The dish’s curved shape is said to mimic the crescent moon of the Ottoman flag. Which pastry item are we talking about?

If you want to engage your employees or your community through an innovation quiz, feel free to reach us here. Meanwhile, check out our Ideafest case study centered on Innovation.

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QuizWorks completes 5 Years with Times Ascent Engineering Mastermind

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In the space of 5 years, Times Ascent Engineering Mastermind has grown from a 3 city event to a 7 city event. Having marquee sponsors such as Ultratech, Honeywell and Murugappa Group over the last 5 editions, QuizWorks is proud to have successfully hosted each and every edition. Attracting and engaging over 800 teams, spanning different engineering backgrounds, is what makes this property one of India’s biggest brand properties. Here’s looking forward to more editions.

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How QuizWorks used quizzing and gamification to engage CIO’s

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Earlier this month, a leading Indian IT Consulting firm hosted a South Asia CIO meet of leading BFSI Companies at their campus to increase adoption of their award winning product. This product is powered by multiple solutions by their IT Partner and hence, there was a need to educate and engage the audience on these solutions which they may not be aware off; thus creating cross selling/up selling opportunities. To showcase the capabilities of Partner’s add on solutions which optimizes the product’s performance, the Partner were looking at novel ways of engaging the audience to promote key messaging.

The objectives, which we label as “T.I.D.E”, were following:

  • Talk about add on solutions offered by the Partner on the product
  • Identify cross selling and up selling opportunities
  • Drive engagement and participation at the Partner’s Booth
  • Educate customers in a fun and interactive approach

To achieve the above objectives, QuizWorks used quizzing and gamification to drive the actions of participants at the conference. An innovative contest titled “Wall Street Wolf” was designed to capture key engagement and learning metrics.

This info graphic provides a quick insight into our approach:

If you are thinking of a gamified initiative to engage your community, look no further and get in touch with us here

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4 Tips for a Good Onboarding Experience

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As a L&D professional, onboarding new joinees presents a formidable challenge to overcome. Such programmes normally suffer from low completion rates,  low participation rates and lack in engagement but are necessary for new joinees. According to SHRM, nearly 4 percent of new employees leave their new jobs after a disastrous first day. New employees decide within the first 30 days whether they feel welcome in the organization.

Having “gamified” onboarding initiatives for leading MNC’s and SME’s, we uncovered few basic essentials. They are :

  1. Present the Right Information

It’s your employees first few days on the job so don’t dump loads of information on to them. Have only the important information visible to them. “Nice-to-know” information such as About the Company, Management Team, and Vision & Values can be included. HR Policies and “Need to Know” information can be included at later stages.

  1. Gamify the Whole Experience

Majority of your new joinees have played one or more games on their mobile. Replicate the same experience in your onboarding programme too. Points, badges and leader board ensure high completion and participation rates. An engaging game journey gets them hooked on to the programme. We have had instances where employees have expressed that they felt “they were a part of a game”.

  1. Create Engaging Content Modules

Your employees have been used to seeing rich powered content in their day to day life. While information can be presented through ppts, pdfs and word docs, it would make a difference if such presentations were complete with good sense of design. Look at creating visually powered presentations and providing byte size information.

  1. Recognize Performance

While assessments can be integrated to the onboarding programme to capture key learnings, don’t make it over-competitive where employees feel it’s an exam rather than a fun exercise. Keep it simple and make it interactive. A small token of appreciation to the top performers, with company branded merchandise or team outings, can result in a good onboarding experience.

While we know that there are many other factors critical for a good onboarding experience such as technology, environment, buy-in from the management, the above 4 points represent the basic essentials.

Our award winning product, Playday, uses game mechanics to enhance enterprise learning in the areas of onboarding and policy learning.

Check out our case study on onboarding here

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How quizzing can be used for community engagement

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In November 2015, LinkedIn introduced the LinkedIn Agency Aces– an interactive quiz aimed at connecting with working professionals in the advertising world. This presented an opportunity for agency executives to learn about the platform and develop right strategies to leverage LinkedIn to reach their potential audience.

(Catch the interview with Ashutosh Gupta– Director of Marketing Solutions, LinkedIn India, at the end of this article)



Like LinkedIn, many other companies are increasingly using quizzing and gamification as a way to engage with their community. Active community engagement helps generate new ideas, share best practices, while helping you build a trusted and favourable brand image. Quizzing has proved to be an effective medium to reach out to a community as it packages the right content and delivers it at a rapid pace. Here are the reasons why it should be used:

a) Promotes Awareness:-

When Chipmaker Intel wanted to promote awareness on the benefits as well as potential threats of Internet-based interactions and familiarise students with cyber threats, consequences and protective measures, they launched the Digital Wellness Online Challenge in collaboration with National e-governance Division. The online quiz aimed at sensitizing and creating a culture of digital wellness among children from classes 6 to 12.

The instant feedback provided through a quiz checks your existing awareness levels and reinforces what you already know. You can inform through knowledge based questions and help them apply knowledge gained through application based questions.

b) Suited for Dispersed Audiences:-

Your community is never restricted to a single location. When Times Ascent wanted to engage the large community of engineers in India, they conceptualized the “Times Ascent Engineering Mastermind”. Consisting of a Facebook based contest plus live quizzes across 6 cities in India, Times Ascent were able to connect with this dispersed set of audience. Through a single platform, they were able to reach out to their community

c) Personalized Content:-

It’s imperative that you communicate the right content in retaining and attracting a community base. While LinkedIn spoke about Social Media through their Agency Aces initiative, SHRM, the leading global HR society, spoke about the latest global HR trends through their Early HR Practitioner Quiz. A quiz ensures that all necessary information is packaged in a precise manner and is targeted to an individual.

d) Engaging:-

With its varied assessment types and content format such as text, visuals and audio video, a quiz keeps you engaged. It could be knowledge-based questions to provide information or scenario-based questions to encourage participants to think, decide, and choose an action.

Whether it is LinkedIn, Intel, SHRM or Times Ascent, companies are slowly realizing the potential of using quizzing as an effective tool to reach out to their community.

The QuizWorks team caught with up Ashutosh Gupta, Director of Marketing Solutions, LinkedIn India to share his views on the LinkedIn Agency Aces program and its impact.

a) What made you choose quizzing and gamification to engage the Agency professionals online?

Through our Agency Aces program, we wanted to engage agency executives across India and share the latest developments in digital marketing. To make this process more interactive we thought of putting this information in a quiz format. By having individuals and agencies participate to become the ‘LinkedIn Agency Ace’ and the ‘Top Agency of the year’, we encouraged them to share and learn the best practices in the industry, in a fun way

b) How have been the impact and the feedback?

The response to the program has been overwhelming with over 2000 participants across more than 400 agencies participating in a span of just four weeks. It’s great to see that through a simple initiative we helped digital marketers in India learn about the latest trends and innovations in their field.

Click here to view our success stories in the Community Engagement Space


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Gamification and Digital Learning – An Indian Perspective

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In an exclusive interview with QuizWorks, Captain Shantanu Chakravorty, Director at Cognizant Leadership Academy, shares his views on how L&D in India is evolving and how gamification is impacting conventional L&D initiatives. Click below for the interview:-

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