Tata Crucible Campus Edition [email protected] March 25, 2013




Date:- March 23rd

Some quizzes are great due to the content they carry. Some quizzes are great due to the sheer presence of an entertaining quizmaster. Some quizzes are great due to the magnitude of prizes. One quiz that packs them all together is the TATA CRUCIBLE CAMPUS EDITION. The presence of 240 teams at this year’s edition bears testimony to the fact that this is the ultimate business quiz. Bangalore has always witnessed tight finishes at such events and it was no different this year when the defending Bangalore champions IIM-B staged a comeback and pipped BMS College of Engineering in a tie-breaker to book their place in the zonal finals. It is another matter that they steamrolled their way into the national finals with a comfortable win at the zonal finals. Here are the prelims questions:-

  1. The Live Brilliant global brand campaign was started in 2012. It was an extension of the ”Modern Premium” way of thinking. Which company is behind this campaign?

Ans:- Hyundai

  1. Which multinational pharmaceutical company has a blog called “LABTALK”?

Ans:- AstraZeneca 

  1. Identify

Ans:- Aditya Puri

  1. Which company’s first logo had a woman sewing in picture and a capital S?

Ans:- Singer

  1. Identify.

Ans:- TK Kurien

  1. ____ is the holding company of A&W, All American Food Restaurants and Long John Silver.

Ans:- Yum! Brands

  1. “The Little Book Things” is a book written by which famous management guru?

Ans:- Tom Peters

  1. Hello Money- the revolutionary mobile banking service is to be introduced in India by which bank?

Ans:- Barclays

  1. Which company launched BoxTV.com recently- a concept similar to that of Hulu.com and Netfilx?

Ans:- Times Of India

  1. Which is the corporate wing of ISRO with clients such as Star News, NDTV, Boeing, TV18, EADS, Aaj Tak, CNBC TV 18 etc?


  1. Horizon Ventures, a Hong Kong based company, focused on early stage funding in companies in field of telecommunications, media and technology.  Its notable investments are Facebook and Spotify. Who is the owner of Horizon Ventures?

Ans:- Li Ka-shing’s

  1. Which Indian was involved in the “garbage gate” scandal?

Ans:- LN Mittal

  1. Which famous guru wrote the book “The Leader in Me- How schools and Parents around the world are inspiring greatness”?

Ans:- Steven Convey

  1. Which of these ad gurus coined the “Only Vimal” slogan and Raymond’s “Guide to the Well Dressed Man”?     a) Piyush Pandey  b) Frank Simoes  c) Alyquee Padmasee

Ans:- Frank Simoes

  1. Which company is behind the “camapignforallrealbeauty.com”?

Ans:- Dove

  1. “Where have all the leaders gone” is a book by which legendary Auto-Executive?

Ans:- Lee Iacocca

  1. Born on May 27, 1794, this person began a passenger service with one steam boat. It was provided as a ferry to the Railways. He went on to control the Hudson River Traffic and built the first rail service between New York and Chicago. Who are we talking about?

Ans:- Cornelius Vanderbilt

  1. Which online ticketing platform was established by Phanindra Sama, Sudhakar Pasupunuri and Charan Padmaraju?

Ans:- Redbus

  1. Which is the flagship retail store of Mahindra that deals with infant and maternity care?

Ans:- Mom&Me

  1. Identify the advertiser.

Ans:- The Economist


  1. Back in 1966,. this person was credited with creating the European neck tie.

Ans:- Ralph Lauren

  1. A division of United Technologies, it focuses on commercial refrigeration.

Ans:- Carrier

  1. “To rise around the world from Asia” is the tagline of ___

Ans:- KIA motors

  1. Founded in 1907, with Swedish Patent 25406, its expertise is in rail bearing.

Ans:- SKF Group

  1. This brand has ranges such as Xeno, Cool Waters.

Ans:- Davidoff

  1. Started as an app by Keith Shepherd and Natalia Luckyanova and developed by Imangi Studios

Ans:- Temple Run

  1. The trademark is usually written  in the classical Latin Alphabet (where V = English U), and is derived from the surname of the company’s Greek founder, Sotirios Voulgaris


  1. Its subsidiaries are Canal+ and Universal Music Group

Ans:- Vivendi

Top 6 teams to qualify for the finals were:-

  1. MES  Degree College
  2. RVCE
  3. IIM-B
  4. BMS
  5. ICAI
  6. East West Institute of Technology


Round 1:-

  1. What is the significance of this image with respect to Greenpeace?

Ans:- Their symbolic protest against Kimberly Clarke for continued destruction of forests. endangering the orangutans, while producing Kleenex tissues

  1. Arla Foods undertook a repackaging exercise to commemorate what?

Ans:- To commemorate “Earth Hour”

  1.  Identify the blank

Ans:- Newman

  1. What is this practice called as?

Ans:- Dredging

  1. Who is the advertiser?

Ans:- Old Spice

  1. Which company?

Ans:- Bubba Gump company that appears in the movie “Forrest Gump”

Round 2:-

  1. Vidica, a natural mountain water, is an ingredient for which Indian mineral water company?

Ans:- Bisleri

  1. Founded in 1939 as an electronics company, it was formed as a merger of Shibaru and Denki.

Ans:- Toshiba

  1. This company is now a business unit of Mc Graw Hill that is into marker research

Ans:- JD Power Associates

  1. Milton Bradley, Playskool and Parker Brothers are all owned by?

Ans:- Hasbro

Round 3:-

  1. What did PT John develop for TATA?


  1. Founded in 1968 to manufacture steel mill rolls.

Ans:- Tayo Rolls

  1. VOLTAS was taken over from TATA’s in 1997 and returned to them in 2003. Which group briefly owned them?

Ans:- Electrolux

  1.  Premium Granite is a subsidiary of this company which is into electrical manufacturing.

Ans:- Voltas

Round 4:- 


Clue 1: When King Edward visited Madras, they had the sole right to supply their products to him

Clue 2:- Its first publication ‘Sweet Dishes: A little Treatise on Confectionary’ by Wyvern came out in 1884.

Clue 3:- Ownership has changed twice from Associated Publishers to Amalgamated Group.

Ans:- Higgin Bothams


Clue 1:- It was established in Bangalore in 1940 by Seth Walchand Hirachan to produce military aircraft and was encouraged by the Kingdom of Mysore.

Ans:- HAL


Clue 1:- Established in 1950’s, it was the first restaurant to have a jazz band and an air-conditionig hall

Ans:- Koshys restaurant


  1. An ex-American army man who went on to create “Polo”

Ans:- Ralph Lauren


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Tata Crucible Campus Edition [email protected] Zonal Finals March 25, 2013

Date:- March 23rd

In a new format, the winning teams from South Indian cities squared off in the Zonal Finals. The stakes were increased and the fact that all questions were played on buzzer gave no rest to the teams. IIM-Bangalore, who had just made it through to the Zonals by the closest of the margins, were impressive from the start and were never in pressure. The battle was left for the second spot- 5 teams were still with a chance of securing a place in the National Finals. That honour eventually went to ICAI, Chennai. These were the teams at the Zonal finals:-

ICAI, Chennai
AUCBM, Hyderabad
Sastra University, Trichy
TAPMI, Manipal
GEC, Trissur
NIT, Calicut
Amrita School of Engg, Kovai

Some of the questions were:-

  1. Which Portuguese agent has Jose Mourinho, Angel Di Maria and Cristanio Ronaldo as his agents?

Ans:- Jorge Mendez

  1. Which singer established “AudioTrax”?

Ans:- Chitra

  1. It is a new field of Market Research that studies consumers’ sensorimotor, cognitive, and affective response to marketing stimuli.

Ans:- Neuro Marketing

  1. An Estee Lauder brand, it became the first women’s cosmetic company to launch a line called “Skin Supplies for Men”

Ans:- Clinique



  1. Envisaging bio-units in the Kutch area, Project Annapurna is an initiative by which company?


  1. TATA MOTORS and Chevy Motors are in a joint venture to produce Land Rover in which country?

Ans:- China

  1. NREC was a TATA company in 1940 when it enjoyed huge success for producing 3 valve radios that was popularly called as “People’s Set”. Expand NREC.

Ans:- National Radio Equipment Company

  1. “Heartbreak of a trust” is a book by?

Ans:- RM Lala

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Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2013 at Guwahati March 14, 2013


The Guwahati edition was held on March, 12th. The following were the questions asked from the prelims round:-

  1. Connect Mark Hurd, Leo Apotheker, Meg Whitman.

Ans: HP

  1. Who is the person behind the designing of the Coca Cola ad campaign ‘Thanda matlab Coca Cola’ with Aamir Khan?

Ans:- Prasoon Joshi

  1. In 2009, News Corporation restricted which T.V. group into 4 units–  _India, _Greater China, _select and Fox International Channels Asia

Ans:- STAR

  1. In July 2011, which company bought the US based managed Ethernet and apps delivery service company Yipis enterprise service for a cash amount 1200 crore?

Ans:- Reliance

  1. The Interpublic Group Publics, Omnicom and which other company are considered as the big four agency (advertising) holdings corporate

Ans:- WPP

  1. Which company has the punch line ‘First in Business Worldwide’?

Ans:- CNBC

Whose flagship online music portal Gaana.com is now available as an app for android, IOS, Blackberry?

Ans:- Indian Times

  1. Which internet major closed Buzz, My Blog log and numerous other products on 21stApril 2011?

Ans:- Yahoo

  1. Which Indian stationary company began with the ‘horse brand’?

Ans:- Camlin

  1. What is common to a famous landmark bridge in the USA and an IT company?

Ans:- CISCO (the landmark is the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco)

  1. Which company supplies tyre for NASCAR car rally?

Ans:- Goodyear

  1. ‘Welcome Break’ is the tagline of which company?

Ans:- ITC

  1. Which Indian media and entertainment company was founded by Ronnie Screwala?

Ans:- UTV

  1.  In 1979 which company came up with ‘Free Cone Day’?

Ans:- Baskin and Robbins

  1. Bharat Swatis are training planes built by which heavy electrical company in India?

Ans:- BHEL

  1. ‘Is this the only thing you can leave behind’ was used by

Ans:- Incredible India

Few questions asked in the FINALS:-

  1. VEYRON 16.4 is a mid engine grand car by which company?

Ans:- Bugatti

  1. BORSE is a stock exchange in which European nation?

Ans:- Germany

  1. How do we better know ‘Canary Yellow Stickies’?

Ans:- Post it notes

  1. In 1881 an A.C. alternator was powered for street lighting in UK. Who were the manufacturers?

Ans:- Siemens

  1. ‘Work in Progress’ is the autobiography of?

Ans:- Walt Disney

  1. Which company technically means ‘ROLL’?

Ans:- Volvo

  1. Benkin, Shaggy tunes were made popular by which brand?

Ans:- Levi’s

  1. Which consulting firm trademarked ‘learning curve’?

Ans:- Boston Consulting Group

  1. Powerfly is a new aviation initiative by Taj with which person?

Ans:- Capt. Gopinath

  1. ‘Banker to every Indian’ is the tagline of which bank?

Ans:- State Bank of India

  1. Which Arabic word meaning “tower” was trademarked?

Ans:- Burj

  1. Dinesh, Ashok Arora, Raghavan are co-founders of which company?

Ans:- Infosys

  1. Famous invention of which company include magnetic strip, artificial intelligence, hard disk drive?

Ans:- IBM

  1. To commemorate the centenary birth anniversary of Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru what did Indian Railways do?

Ans:- Started Shatabdi Express

  1. ‘Beautiful you, today, tomorrow’ is the tagline of?

Ans:- ITC Fiama Di Wills

  1. What term, that was used as  a suffix in the naming of the trains, was implemented by Indian railways when the country started progressing?

Ans:- Mail

  1. Which company innovated and created a new type of talking shoes?


  1. In telecom world what does LTE stand for?

Ans:- Long term Evolution

  1. Which organisation would you associate  Arctic Sunrise, Rainbow Warriors, Esperanza?

Ans:- Green Peace

  1. Which word is a synonym for high yielding coffee?

Ans:- Mocha chino

  1. ‘Anything constructed can be taken apart…. How to construct and reconstruct’ is the tagline of?

Ans:- Lego Toys

  1. ‘Fashion starts here’ is the tagline of?

Ans:- Provogue

  1. What does TMT stand for in  TISCON TMT?

Ans:- Thermo Mechanically Treated

  1. Which company from TATA is to manufacture biometric cars in West Bengal?

Ans:- TCS

  1. Vriti are online courses for management offered by?

Ans:-  TATA McGrawhill

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Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2013 at Jamshedpur March 14, 2013



Exhilarating. Exuberant.Exciting. 3 words to sum up TATA Crucible at Jamshepdur. According to Picbrain, clad in an ethnic red kurta, the cutoff for Jamshedpur prelims was the highest this year,yet. And due to very tough competition ( the difference in prelim scores between the top 16 teams was just 1 mark),  the quizmaster decided to have two wild card rounds!

The teams that made up to the finals were:

ISM Dhanbad


NIT Rourkela

IIM ranchi

and two teams from XLRI

XLRI emerged as the winner, scoring in each and every round consistently, follwed by IIM Ranchi. XLRI, despite knowing the last answer, kept their hands off the buzzer to let the other teams fight for the second spot-a true quizzing spirit!

And now all the questions:-


  1.  Which production company has recently made great profits from its two movies- Dabangg and Dabangg 2 ?

Ans: Arbaaz Khan Productions

  1. Which MaharAtna company in India began in 1975 as a holding company and has the following subsidiaries:

Bharat Coking Coal Limit  ,Central Coalfields LimitedWestern Coalfields Limited,Eastern Coalfields Limited,Central Mine Planning and Design Institute Limited.

Ans:- Coal India

  1.  Book by?

Ans : Howard Schultz

  1. Nelson Rockfeller founded a oil distribution company in 1870 that grew to be the worlds first major MNC. The company controlled 90% of the oil trade in America by the 1890s and caused the US government to create antitrust laws to breach its monopoly. Which company?

Ans: Standard Oil

  1. Identify the logo

Ans:- Pidilite 

  1. “Versatile by Nature” is the tagline of which automobile major?

Ans:- BMW

  1. When asked by a HUL employee he said, “I don’t want to start a flurry of excitement by saying I use Pears soap or whatever it is. I might get some of your brands wrong and mention the dishwasher liquid we use and find it’s made by your competition”. Who said these words?

Ans:- David Cameroon

  1. What is the Full form of FRMB Act

Ans: Fiscal Responsibilty and Budget Management Act

  1. What is named after a German word for hear and  was started by August Horsch?

Ans: Audi

  1. Identify the person

Ans:- Donald Trump

  1. Which company was formerly known as RACAL telecom with Arun Sarin as its Ex-Ceo?

Ans: Vodafone

  1. ColdFusion ,Dreamweaver are products created  by this company. The word means sun dried bricks or buildings made from such bricks. Identify the company.

Ans:- Adobe

  1. With which ayurvedic major in India would you associate the brand Narayani?


  1. Who is iGate corporation’s CEO?

Ans:-  Phaneesh Murty

  1. Bubblegum, Mentos, Centrefresh are owned by which company ?

Ans:- Perfetti Van Melle

  1. “The whole world steps aside for the man who knows where he is going”. Id the ad campaign

Ans:- Jhonnie Walker

  1. Banks in India are moving towards CTS. What is CTS ? ( in the context of cheques)

Ans: Cheque Truncation System

India’s first monorail was successfully tested and would become operational in August in which city?

Ans:- Mumbai

  1. Which global media company owns the Penguin group?

Ans: Pearson Media Group



Rapid Quotient:

  1. Bajate Raho is the tagline of which radio station?

Ans: Red FM

  1. Whose registered office is called as “Cement House”?

Ans: ACC

  1. x is the flagship company of the Wadia Group engaged mainly into the business of Textiles.

Ans: Bombay Dyeing

  1. Which company makes Monopoly?

Ans: Hasbro


  1. What is  iShakti?

Ans:-  Fortified Dals by Tata Chemicals

  1. Which company, promoted by TATA, has adopted a strategy called “Big Bang” to transform its business?

Ans: Voltas

  1. Club West is a rewards programme designed by which retailer?

Ans: Westside

  1. Who is the Head of Tata Global Beverages?

Ans: Harish Bhat


Q1.  X was started out as Dial Square in 1886 by workers in Woolwich, south-east London, and was renamed Royal ________

Ans: Arsenal FC

Q2. The company was founded in 1946 as a producer of wooden floats for fishing nets. Its products are known as vcore, arc saber, voltic 80.


Q3. Marble white, pebble blue, garnet red , titanium grey are the different colours available in which instrument?

Ans: Samsung Galaxy S3

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Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2013 at Ahmedabad March 11, 2013



The Ahmedabad edition of Tata Crucible Campus Quiz 2013 was held at the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad on 9th March. About 260 teams representing institutions from almost every field of study participated in this round, and is by far the largest participation in the history of Tata Crucible held at the city.

The teams which made it to the top 6 were as follows:

  1. Neha Damle & Ashish Jain [MICA]
  2. Jayraj & Bhumil [ICAI]
  3. Shayak Chakroborty & Rahul Dave [GNLU]
  4. Amit Das & Soumyadipta Chanda [GNLU]
  5. Abhishek Rane & Abhimanyu Roy [MICA] 
  6. MVR Murthy & Manish [IIM-A]

Questions from Prelims:

  1. Which pharmaceutical company gets its name from Latin for “new sciences”?


  1. Which premium sanitary and bath accessories manufacturing company has a tagline “Too good to resist”?


  1. Ad for?


  1. Which recently launched product was released with the tagline “Create the best group photo, use a ________”?

Nokia Lumia 920

  1. What portfolio does Manish Tiwari hold in in the central government?

Information & Broadcasting

  1. Who is the Deputy Governor of the RBI?

Anand Sinha

  1. Which luxury brand showcased all their products on Twitter before actually displaying on runway?


  1. Polaroid launched a set of camera sunglasses with two embedded 1.5″ LCD displays as a part of its Grey Label collection. Which artist has been asked to assist in its creation?

Lady Gaga

  1. Logo of?


  1. What is the name of India’s premier online movies on demand service?


  1. Haribhai V Desai initiated the business operations of which leading pickle manufacturing brand in 1901 from Pune?

Mother’s Recipe

  1. ‘Straight from the Gut’ and ‘Winning’ are books by which management thinker?

Jack Welch

  1. Wonderbook is an augmented reality book launched by which gaming equipment manufacturer?

Sony PlayStation

  1. “Always Amazes You” is the promotional slogan for tourism department of which country?


  1. Logo of which automobile major?


  1. Which company having a Roman Gladiator as its logo has a 13.55% stake in it owned by Berkshire Hathway?

American Express

  1. Who owns Grupo Carso, Telmex and América Móvil?

Carlos Slim

  1. Which studio is the developer of Temple Run?

Imangi Studios

  1. Which brand started by selling truffle balls and has appointed Roger Federer as its brand ambassador in 2012?


The finals saw the MICA team of Ashish and Neha take an early lead with back to back answers and a lot of entertainment ensued after some interesting answers being given by the teams, including a hilarious take on the dry status of Gujarat by Pickbrain on an answer by the IIM-A team and one with the secret formula of Coca Cola being moved into a secret vault answered by GNLU. The lateral connect round saw some fantastic answers by MICA, which further increased their lead. The TATA round saw the other MICA team of Abhishek & Abhimanyu take calculated guesses and earn some vital points. A new introduction in this year’s edition was a round with four visuals with a word to be decoded from the hints provided. MICA made a brilliant first move and steered way ahead of the competitors in this round while the team from ICAI and second team from MICA were tied for the second spot. The final round saw the ICAI team finishing runners-up with an adrenaline-pumping answer off the last question.
Winners: Neha Damle & Ashish Jain [MICA]

Runners up:  Jayraj & Bhumil [ICAI]


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Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2013 at Chandigarh March 4, 2013






  1. What is the full form of PDF ?

Ans:- Picture Document Format.

  1. Which tech giant ran a campaign titled  “Life without wall”?

Ans- Microsoft

  1. Identify the personality

Ans:- Ingvar Kampard

The township of Menlo Park, New Jersey was renamed in 1954 to honour which American Inventor ?

Ans:- Thomas Edison

  1. Identify this managment guru

Ans:-Philip Kotler

Which low cost airline has its headquarters in Gurgaon  ?

Ans:- Spicejet

  1. This company traces its origin to 1945 when it was started by 3 people, including Gulam Mohammad who went on to become the 1stFinance Minister of Pakistan. Which company are we talking about?

Ans:- M&M

  1. Expand IEEE

Ans:- Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers

  1. Natty Narwahal is the latest version of what

Ans:-  Ubuntu

  1. Which country would you link with the following slogan:- “I care less about the GNP and more about the gross national happiness “

Ans:- Bhutan

  1. Which famous Indian is planning to launch 500 schools under the name ABAPS ?

Ans:- Abhinav Bindra

  1. Which city has overtaken Las Vegas in term of Revenue from Casinos?

Ans:- Macau

  1. India comes home in ___________

Ans:- Maruti

  1. Known as Omini, it is a silhouette of a man and woman sitting back to back to nude. What are we talking about?

Ans:- Logo of Kappa

  1. Jaspal Bhatti, an electrical engineer, became a cartoonist for which daily ?

Ans:- The Tribune

  1. How do we better know  Badruddin Jamaluddin Kazi?

Johnny Walker (the actor)

  1.  Identify the author

Ans:- Jim Collins

  1. If Currency of China is Yuan then what is the currency of Hong Kong ?

Ans:- Hong Kong Dollar


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[email protected] January 21, 2013



It is a foregone conclusion in the quizzing circles that  Bangalore will always witness intense competition in any quiz event. Be it the Tata Crucible or Brand Equity, the contest has gone down right to the wire. It was no different at this year’s Cerebration organised by The Hindu Business Line. The great display of knowledge by the contestants was a treat to watch and was worth spending 4 hours on a Sunday. A 3 way tie breaker is a rare occurrence but that’s what happened yesterday. The experienced duo of Mitesh Agarwal and Yagnyeshwaran  from Oracle pipped the team from ING Vysya and IIM-A in a shootout of 5 questions to emerge the winners at the Bangalore round. What made the victory more astonishing was the fact that Oracle were yet to score after first 2 rounds in the finals. Once the buzzer rounds started, they just fired away with their quick shot responses. Oracle eventually finished on 48 points followed by ING Vysya (47) and IIM-A (46).

Top 6 teams who qualified for the Finals:-

Mahesh & Vinod- HSBC

Sanjay & Sashikanth- Attra Infotech

Mitesh & Yagnyeshwaran- Oracle

Vipul & Aniketh- Life is oustide

Prasad & Samrat- ING Vysya

Kalai & Nishanth- IIM-A


  1. Which Indian brand organizes Tress Talk- a series of hair care workshops in India?

Ans:- Fiame Di Wills

  1.  Which popular Indian fashion designer duo launched a book titled “Indian Fantastique 2012″- celebrating 25 years of their association?

Ans:- Abu Jani-Sandeep Khosla

  1. Whose logo?

Ans:- Redbus

  1. Who will be released  from FCI Butner Medium, where he is imprisoned, on November 14th, 2139?

Ans:- Bernie Madoff

  1. Which painter painted the packets of ITC Flake in 2012?

Ans:- Paresh Maity

  1. Whose logo?

Ans:-Kalamane Koffee

  1. With which computer hardware company would you associate the tagline of “Your eyeball view, our technology new”?

Ans:- I-Ball

  1. Which Swiss company makes Monaco chronograph, Reflex sunglasses and Meredist mobile phones?


  1. Which music company, founded by Troy Carter, manages Lady Gaga and Priyanka Chopra?

Ans:- Atom Factory

  1. Whose ad campaign?

Ans:- Sakala (Government of Karnataka’s initiative aimed at delivering services within the stipulated time)

  1. Which football club tops the 2012 Forbes list of “most valuable football clubs” in the world?

Ans:- Manchester United

  1. Identify

Ans:- Jim Yong Kim (President of World Bank)

  1. By what name was the court case fought by Helen Steel and David Morris against McDonald’s known as?

Ans:- Mc Libel

  1. Which travel company got its name when its founder mistook a line from the song “Space Captain” by Joe Crocker?

Ans:- Lonely Planet

  1. What online service was started by A.R. Rahman and Shekar Kapur?

Ans:- Qyuki

  1. The family motto of which banking family is “Concordia, Integritas, Industria”?

Ans:- Rothschild

  1. Which cookie, by NABISCO, celebrated its 100 years of existence in 2012?

Ans:- Oreo

  1.  Identify

Ans:- Nitesh Shetty

  1. Which company’s origins can be traced to a piano and a reed organ maker?

Ans:- Yamaha

  1.  Which food venture has brand such as “Asia in a Box” and “Rolling Pins”?

Ans:- Thulp Foods


Round 1:- Roots&Shoots

  1. Who is behind the search engine called “Wiredoo” with its tagline “Search once and see how its related”?

Ans:- Stanley Kirk/MC Hammer

  1. Which famous leader started a clothing company in 1919 with Edward Jakobson in Kansas City? The clothing store could not survive the economic downturn of the 20’s and closed down- making him bankrupt and heavily indebted.

Ans:- Harry S Truman

  1. For what specific reason did the India Burma Petroleum start its cryogenic division?

Ans:- To provide cold storage facilities for preserving cow semen during “Operation Flood”

  1. In 2012, this brand sponsored an excavation of a shipwreck in the coast of Panama. They believed that the wreckage and the hull was symbolic to the brand’s history that they strongly associated with. Which brand?

Ans:- Captain Morgan

  1. “Green Gold” is a company founded by Rajiv Chilaka. What do they produce in association with Ted Turner?

Ans:- Chhota Bheem

  1. The construct of this logo is based on the fact that it carries an emotional response across all boundaries. It is chararcterised by a bird in flight- unrestricted and unhindered. Choice of colours are yellow and red. Red denotes energy, passion and commitment. Yellow denotes joy and happiness. Whose logo?

Ans:- India Post


  1. Connect this image to Starbucks

Ans:- The person is Mr. Horniman. The first Starbucks store in India was opened at the Horniman circle in Mumbai.

  1. Connect USADA, Coca Cola,  Stepan Chemicals, Mallinckrodt

Ans:- USADA allows the import of certain drugs by these companies that can be used in small scale quantities which are otherwise banned for personal use.

  1. What is the significance of these images?

Ans:- Oskar Schindler and his factory where he harbored thousand of Jews during Holocaust.

  1. What does this technology called USB Key do?

Ans:- Google’s device for having a single encrypted password across all its accounts.

  1. What is special about this shoe?

Ans:-  The design of the shoe was selected from a competition that Adidas organised to celebrated Messi’s newborn son- Thiago.

  1. Identify

Ans:- Chhagan Bapa who started Lijat Papad


  1. UTV Software, Marvel Entertainment and Muppet Studios are subsidiaries of:

Ans:- Walt Disney

  1. Hershey’s idea was opted after M&M were rejected.

Ans:- ET

  1. The telegraph company to reject the patent of Alexander Bell’s phone

Ans:- Western Union

  1. LTIT, a polytechnic institute in Mumbai, is managed by them

Ans:- L&T

  1. Convenience stores run by Appu in Simpsons

Ans:- Qwike Marts

Round 4:- BRIEFLY

  1. Which company launched Telewing Commuincations with Lakshadweep govt?

Ans:- Telenor

  1. Which award is given by Japanese Union?

Ans:- Deming Award

  1. Who will replace AON as shirt sponsor for ManU?

Ans:- Chevrolet

  1. What does HFD stand for in low alcoholic beverages?

Ans:- Health Food Drinks

  1. Danish Carpet maker, EG, formed an alliance with which Indian designer?

Ans:- Rohit Bal

  1. Identify.

Ans:- EL James (Author of Fifty Shades trilogy)


  1. Which media group in India was founded as SJI Finance?

Ans:- NETWORK 18

  1. Which watch brand owned by Swatch has a Wind HourGlass shape?

Ans:- Longines

  1. Which Swiss based company is the leading provider of HR solutions?

Ans:- Adecco

  1. Which Japanese company owes its name to a mechanical bend?


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Celebrating Cerebration 2013 January 16, 2013


Date : 13th January 2013
Venue : India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road, New Delhi
QuizMaster : Giri “Pickbrain” Balasubramaniam

The Annual Business Line Quiz, Cerebration meaning “the working of the brain” came to the National Capital for the first time this year. The event saw a huge participation of 70+ teams from corporate houses and institutions. The event had Corporation Bank as its Title Sponsor and SAIL and NCDEX as the Associate Sponsors.  It was a one man show in Delhi as one team conquered the whole quiz with some fantastic answers and were being called as the “Demolition Men from Delhi” by the Pickbrain. So, lets see which team gained entry into the National Finals :


  1. Which Indian woman was the first woman to command a Boeing 787 Dreamliner
    Ans. Nivedita Bhasin
  2. Which photo sharing and social networking app founded by Kevin Systrom and Mike Kreiger was recently acquired by Facebook?
    Ans. Instagram
  3.  Thermocot, Bumchums and Footline Socks – Which company owns these brands?
    Ans. Rupa
  4.  Vyomesh Joshi, who headed the printer business at HP, was recently appointed in the board of which Indian IT giant?
    Ans. Wipro
  5. Founded by Som Koffler in 1933 and now a brand of Samsonite, which luggage manufacturer launced a new travel bag called Florence?
    Ans. American Tourister
  6. Identify

Ans. Shobhna Bhartia

  1.  Which brand owned by Allied Blenders & Distillers is the world’s largest selling whisky?
    Ans. Officers Choice
  2. Along with Coleman Andrews and Eric Kriss, who cofouned Bain Capital?
    Ans. Mitt Romney
  3.  Which brand of male grooming products had names like Africa Alaska, Java and Nevada from 1990-1996 and later names like Dimension Apollo, Gravity and Phoenix?
    Ans. Axe
  4. Whatever The Odds is the autobiography of which Indian billionaire?
    Ans. KP Singh
  5. Which brand identity was based around the idea of “adding Vitality to Life” and has 24 icons?
    Ans. Unilever
  6. Identify her.

Ans. Vanitha Narayanan (recently appointed MD of IBM India)

  1. What was introduced by James Taylor to Sri Lanka in 1867, now of high importance to its economy?
    Ans. Tea
  2. Which Russian oligarch is a majority shareholder of Metalloinvest, a Russian industrial conglomerate and also owns major shares in a sports team?
    Ans. Alisher Usmanov
  3. Which initiative?

Ans. Sarva Shiksha Abhiyaan

  1. Which iconic Denim brand originated when Blue Bell company asked Polish tailor Bernard Leichenstein to design jeans for Rodeo use?
    Ans. Wrangler
  2. Monisha Kaltenborn, the first female team principal in F1 history, also has 33% shares in which F1 team?
    Ans. Sauber
  3. Which trade classification gets its name from this bird?

Ans. Brent (Brent Goose gives its name to Brent Crude Oil)

  1. Which Indian brand famous for its ads involving Bannu, the bride was founded by KV Pendharkar?
    Ans. Vicco Turmeric
  2. Silk is a browser owned by?
    Ans. Amazon

The top six teams in the Finals were :
1) CSC – Sukhvinder Singh and Srivas MK
2) Genpact – Rohan Khanna and Anupam Jain
3) HCL – Abdul Sayid and Somnat Jain
4) NTPC – Chandan Shahi and Sanjit Dutta
5) Reckitt Benckiser – Gautam and Tanmay
6) State Bank of India – Sharad and Sonam

The cut-off in the Prelims was 14 and the highest score was 18.  As the tradition goes for any Pickbrain quiz, he never forgets to acknowledge the team who just missed on clearing the prelims, the 7th team in Delhi was not a corporate but a college team from Jaipur – LNMIIT Jaipur.

The finals had six rounds with different scoring patterns and these rounds were named after the sections in The Business Line newspaper.

Round 1 – Roots and Shoots

Q1. Connect – Kansas in USA to Kochi in India
Ans. Kansas is the first city in world to get Wi-Fi at 1 gb/sec and Kochi is its Indian counterpart.

Q2. During World War II, Swiss build lines of defensive blocks to stop tank invasions in the country. What were these lines called?
Ans. Toblerone Lines

Q3. The first use of which term is credited to a 1961 attempt by creditors to oust Howard Hughes from control of TWA airlines?
Ans. Golden Handshake

Q4. This country is an extremely poor, “fourth-world” country that has abandoned Communism. Most of the nation is covered with waist-deep mud, which the residents use to build houses. It shares border with Kneebonia. Which country?
Ans. Elbonia, fictional country in Dilbert

Q5. LifeGem is a jewellery firm in Chicago, USA and the first company in the world to create  ‘memorial diamonds’. What are its ingredients?
Ans. Carbon Remains of Dead People


Round 2 – Windows

Q1. What comes into existence from this place?

Ans. 404 Error – Room No. 404 in CERN Labs, the birthplace of the error.

Q2. What exactly is this for?

Ans. Knitwear for Penguins to protect them from oil spills.

Q3.  Which publishing brand did he co-found?

Ans. Peter Kindersley, cofounder of DK Publishing along with Christopher Dorling.

Q4. Identify the brand that was established by this person.

Ans. ORPAT – named after O.R. Patel

Q5. Whose ad campaign?

Ans. Amnesty International – People Missing in Wars

Q6. Identify the brand featured in this book.

Ans. Netflix

Round 3 – New Manager

( Clues provided with the number of alphabets in the answer in the grid)

Q1.  Think Outside The Bun
Ans. Taco Bell

Q2.  Rick Alden – 2003 – ear buds
Ans. SkullCandy

Q3.  f8 Annual Conference
Ans. Facebook

Q4. John Bissell  buyer for Macy’s
Ans. Fabindia
Round 4 – SAIL

Q1. Which company was marketed with the slogan “Don’t Carry a Cold in Your Pocket” in 1930s?
Ans. Kleenex

Q2. Article 148 of Indian Constitution deals with?
Ans. CAG

Q3.  ‘Shanti, Sukh and Santushti’ is a book circulated by which Indian business house among its millions of investors?
Ans. Sahara Group

Q4. Who was described by David Ogilvy as “odios little jerk”?
Ans. Martin Sorrel

Q5. Sherilyn S. McCoy succeeded whom as CEO of Avon?
Ans. Andrea Jung


Round 5 – Perspective (Visual Connect Round)

Q1. Mermaid, Three Founders
Ans. Starbucks

Q2. Candler Park, Gods Must Be Crazy
Ans. Coca Cola

Q3. Warren Anderson, Methyl Isocyanate
Ans. Union Carbide

Q4. Tomorrow Never Dies, AskMen.com
Ans. Rupert Murdoch

Round 6 – Brandline
(Successive Clues Provided)

Q1. It was conceived when Mr. Ramesh Upendra  Pai was in Germany in 1962. He found that car seat cushions were manufactured of rubberized coir. The manufacturer was improving curled coir from Sri Lanka.
Ans. Kurl-On

Q2. First two acquisitions – Canadair and Short Brothers
Ans. Bombardier

Q3. Built from Scratch: How a Couple of Regular Guys Grew The __________ from Nothing to $30 Billion.
Ans. Home Depot

The Balance Sheet at the end of quiz read as :
CSC – 40, HCL – 0, NTPC – 0, Reckitt Benckiser – 45, SBI – (-)5 and Genpact – 115

It was Genpact show all the way and Rohan Khanna from Genpact was simply outstanding. He gave superb answers and ruled the entire quiz. Pickbrain correctly dubbed the team as “Demolition Men from Delhi” at the end of the event. The quiz had some never-before-heard questions and a collection of interesting trivia. So its apt to say that Cerebration was truly the Celebration of the spirit of Quizzing.

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13th AIMA National Management Quiz at Delhi December 18, 2012

AIMA 13th National Management Quiz for Corporates

Quizmasters: Mr. SPS Juggi and Mr. V. Kumar

Venue: Double Tree by Hilton, Mayur Vihar, Delhi

Date: 16th, December 2012

AIMA, the national body for management, hosted one of the most grandeur and pompous quiz show where the quintessentials of quizzing spirit were manifested. Ranging from corporates honchos to the top notch bureaucrats, all participated to quench their thirst for knowledge. And the quizmasters did not disappoint them at all. The whole quiz was structured in a way that left the people asking for more. With over 50 teams, the quiz was a grand success. The consistently performing team from NTPC comprising of K M Prashanth and Chandan Shahi made it to the national finals. Mr. Yatinder Suri, Head of OutoKompu India served as the Chief Guest of the event. The best moment of the quiz was undoubtedly set by Mr. Rohan Khanna of Genpact who corrected the score presented at the conclusion of the event that saw him defeated by a thin margin of points.

The six teams on stage were:-

IOCL: K Suresh Deepak Taneja

Genpact: Rohan Khanaa & Anupam Jain

TCS: Anurag Krishna & Abhinav Kishore

NTPC: K M Prashanth & Chandan Shahi

 DTZ: Deben Moza & Subhendu Saha

Central Secratariat: Maninder Bains & Mukhmeet S Bhatia

The prelims were 30 questions divided in 6 categories that encapsulated all aspects of management. To add more facets to this, the final made the event more lively and highly participative for the teams on stage and the audience too.  Without much further ado, let’s celebrate quizzing:


“Whenever I wrote of wealthy men becoming trustees of their wealth for the common good I always had this merchant prince principally in mind.”  Mahtma Gandhi in Harjan 14th March 1942. Which industrialist is being referred as the merchant prince in this quote by Mahtma Gandhi?

Jamna Lal Bajaj

Which Institution takes its logo from the archietecture  of Sidi Sayed Mosque in Ahmedabad?


  1. Which company launched this series of print ads to highlight its core areas like energy, aviation, consumer electronics,  healthcare etc.?


  1. Macau was the colony of which imperial power?


  1. Which channel was involved in the product placement in the song “Jiya Re” of the movie “Jab Tak Hai Jaan”?



  1. This technique was first published in a 1942 book by this author “How to Think Up” and later popularized by his another book “Applied Imagination” in 1953. He co-founded the firm BBDO. Which technique did he popularize?


Peter Sellers was the first to achieve this feat in 1964, followed by Burt Reynolds, Steve Martin, Donald Trump, Dan Aykroyd, Jerry Seinfeld, Leslie Nielson, Gene Simmons,  Seth Rogen and Bruno Mars being the latest. Which feat?

Men to be featured on PlayBoy cover

  1. Who posted these lines on twitter:-

“CEO’s incentive is not 2 learn,because he’s not paid on real value but on cosmetic value So he’s paid to be nice to the Wall Street analysts. So this is where the problem starts.”

Nassim Taleb

Pat Gibbson is the World Champion in which field?


  1. Which celebrity founded “The Dragon’s Heart Foundation” in 2005?

Jackie Chan


  1. Which novel is set in a suburban West Country town called Pagford and have characters like Councillor Barry Fairbrother, Howard Mollison, Krystal Weedon etc.?


  1. “The Revolutionary Wave & Future War” This is a sentence made out of the best-selling works of a very prominent author. Identify the author.


  1. Which indian financial daily has the tagline “New Ideas in business. New ideas before they become business. Read to Lead”?


  1. Which business publiaction printed a Business Indicator thermometer on the side of its cover for almost three decades?


  1. “Bhiwani Junction: The untold story of ____ in India” by Shyam Das Gupta. Fill in the blanks



  1. This is the term starting with ‘M’ for the people of age less than 30 who are confident, self-expressive, liberal, upbeat and open to change.They are more ethnically and racially diverse than older adults. They’re less religious, tech savvy and more open about their sexual preferences. Which term?


  1. This term was used by Jane Deverson as a name for the series of interviews in a 1964 study of British youth, commissioned by British lifestyle magazine Woman’s Own where Deverson worked. Which term?


  1. What does this table depict?


  1. This is a strategic, life simulation video game series developed by Maxis and later by The Sims Studio, and published by Electronic Arts. It is one of the most successful video games series of all time. As of May 2011, the franchise has sold more than 150 million copies worldwide, and is also the best-selling PC franchise in PC history. The player creates virtual people and places them in houses and helps direct their moods and satisfy their desires. Which game?


  1. It is an important source of protein in Chinese and East Asian cuisines with origins dating back to Han dynasty. It is a food made by coagulating soy juice and then pressing the resulting curds into soft white blocks. Identify


  1. Which derogatory term was used to describe the work like “Fifty Shades of Grey” by New York Times?


  1. With which country would you associate the “Tortilla Riots” of 2007?



  1. Which indian company has the tagline “Go the distance” and boast of “YOU FIRST technology”?


  1. An Indian brand responded like this when a foreign entrant tried to woo away their customers with their schemes “Deee John, I have found someone new”.Which indian company?


  1. “Alive is Awesome” is an ad by whom?


  1. Whose new logo?


  1. Which ocassion?

Dileep Kumar’s 90th birthday


  1. Heroine in the film is “Bijli” and the hero is “Current”.  Which recently released movie?


“Fire in Babylon” a 2010 documentary is based on which sport?


  1. Vidya Balan has been appointed as the brand ambassador for which central gvernment initiative?

Nirmal Bharat Abhiyaan



  1. Which country’s tax agency is known as “Lion”?


This is the Headquarters of which international organisation founded in 1967 in Geneva?

World Intellectual Property Organisation

  1. Which company has topped the list of Greenpeace Guide to Greener Electronics?


Ad for what?

Ray Ban

  1.  Which country has topped Monocle Magazine’s “Global Soft Power” survey?


Which US government agency’s logo is this?

US Patent & Trademark Organisation

  1. If you feature in the Castle Connoly list in the USA, you are among the country’s top ___. Fill in the blank


Mascot for which celebrity’s Music foundation?

Brett Lee

  1. Gaokao in Chinese refers to?

National College Entrance Examination

What is so unique about this company?

Fictional Company that appeared in the US TV series “The Office”

  1. Which hollywood celebrity has created “Electric city” an internet based animated science fiction series?

Tom Hanks

Connect to a person

Rajat Gupta

Preet Bharara is the US Attorney who initiated proceedings against Rajat Gupta, Anil Kumar was a former director at McKinsey who testified against Rajat Gupta, Gary Natfalis was Rajat Gupta’s lawyer


  1. In November 2012, Brother’s UK factory manufactured what it claimed to be the last of its kind ever made in the UK which was donated to London’s Science Museum. What?

Remington Typewriter

  1. In England if you have failed Tebbit Test, what have you exhibited?

Tebbit test suggested that those immigrants who support their native countries rather than England at the sport of cricket are not qualified for United Kingdom citizenship.

  1. What is AQAP?

Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula

  1.  “Tanner White House 3” method was made to the Indian news channels for what purpose?

Used by BCCI to check the age of players

  1. The USA is said to be the having the 60% market of this and the largest company being the California Cryobank. What is being referred?

Sperm Bank

  1. Martin-Baker also sponsors a “______Tie Club,” producing a tie, patch, certificate, tie pin and membership card. As of 2012, there are now over 5,800 registered members of the Club since it was founded in 1957. The first member to be accepted was a British RAF serviceman. Which unusual club is this?

“Ejection Tie Club” is confined solely to persons who have ejected from an aircraft, in an emergency, using a Martin-Baker ejection seat which has thereby saved their life.

ROUND 3: Pehchaan KauN (Identify the personalities)














  1. Anatocism, Aphnology, Cambistry & Chrematist

Money & Wealth


Matrimonial sites

  1. La Saleda- Buenos Aires, Harco Glodok- Jakarta, San Andresitos- Columbia, Tepito- Mexico

They all are open air market of pirated products

  1. Mia, Olivia, Emma, Andrea, Stephanie

All are the characters of the new LEGO Friends series

Fidel,Urbina, Eric Justin Toth, Robert William Fisher & Jason Derek Brown

10 most wanted fugitives by FBI

  1. Love In War, World Enough & Time, Every Night And All, Of Wounds & Other Causes

Alternative titles for the “Farewell to Arms” by Ernest Hemmingway


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