Employee Engagement & Millennials – Key Insights October 14, 2015

Here is an infographic that depicts key stats related to employee engagement and millenials



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Times Ascent Engineering Mastermind 2015 September 16, 2015



In its 4th edition, the Times Ascent Engineering Mastermind, presented by Murugappa Group, was held on September 11thand 12th to commemorate Engineer’s Day on September 15th- the birth anniversary of Sir M. Visvesvaraya, the most outstanding Indian Engineer.

The national level quiz was held across 6 cities and this edition witnessed 2 new host cities- Chennai and Baroda. Bangalore, Delhi, Pune and Mumbai were the other familiar cities.

True to its appeal, this event had a turnout of over 150 teams at each city- undoubtedly making it one of India’s biggest corporate quiz events.

The questions covered were around the theme of Engineering. Along with core engineering concepts, the quiz had a flavour of general Engineering questions too to ensure maximum engagement. While engineering heavyweights such as Robert Bosch, L&T, HCL, Power Grid Corporation made it to the National Finals at Mumbai, this edition saw the rise of entities such as Altair Engineering, ACRi Infotech, Zopper etc battle it out at the Zonal Finals too.

The National Finals held on September 12th witnessed a tense battle between the following teams:-

Robert Bosch (Bangalore Zonal Winners)

HCL Technologies (Chennai Zonal Winners)

Edelweiss (Mumbai Zonal Winners)

KPMG (Pune Zonal Winners)

Power Grid Corporation (Delhi Zonal Winners)

L&T (Baroda Zonal Winners)

The national quiz was eventually won by HCL Technologies followed by Edelweiss. QuizWorks, the official quizzing partner of Times Ascent Engineering Mastermind, hosted the events across all cities with its eminent roster of quizmasters such as Raj Dam and Runal Dahiwade.

Check out the FB page at https://www.facebook.com/timesascent?fref=ts

Check out the Twitter Handle at https://twitter.com/hashtag/aemquiz2015

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Innovation Quiz – Corporates battle it out at 3M August 21, 2015

‘Innovation’ is no longer a catch phrase, it has quickly transitioned from a ‘good to have’ to a ‘must have’. More and more businesses are investing time, effort and money to come up with innovative practices and products.

3M, the $30 bn American conglomerate, has been a leader in innovation, from its humble beginnings in mining to its current portfolio of 55,000 + products spanning a plethora of applications ranging from building solutions and electronics to healthcare and car care products.

3M recently hosted an innovation conclave in its Bangalore offices. Some of the brightest from 3M, Bosch, Titan, SAP and Café Coffee Day brainstormed and discussed innovative practices over a 2 day period. QuizWorks joined the conclave with a customized innovation themed quiz contest designed for the attendees.

Our idea was to challenge the bright minds, build teamwork and impart learning through a fun and engaging approach. We were thrilled to see the tremendous energy levels and active participation from the attendees, not so typical of a session post lunch! The competitive spirit notwithstanding, the event had its share of jovial banter!

Sharing a couple of questions from the event, you can post your answers in the comments section.

  1. During World War II, when rice was in short supply, MTR experimented in making idli using semolina and created this famous dish.

          What did they invent?

  1. In 1945, Percy Spencer, an American engineer, was working on an active radar set and he noticed that a chocolate bar kept in his pocket started to melt.

          What did he invent thus, often credited as an accidental discovery to him?

Check what Shreeraj, Manager – Learning & OD at 3M India, had to say about the event:-

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Biz Quiz at High Street Phoenix, Mumbai June 13, 2015

High Street Phoenix Mall in Lower Parel, Mumbai organized a ‘Biz Quiz’ with an aim to engage corporates from all sectors. Being a mall that houses premium fashion and retail brands of the world, the quiz was created around fashion, retail, pop culture, brands etc to promote ‘in-mall’ recall. High Street Phoenix partnered with QuizWorks- India’s premier quizzing company – to execute the event. Over 100 teams participated in the event held on July 10th, 2015.

Speaking about the event objective, Raj Dam, Founder, QuizWorks said: “Many corporate houses are based in and around the Lower Parel area. The neighbourhood therefore has a huge corporate crowd. To enhance their brand salience High Street Phoenix wanted to reach out to this community to increase footfalls at the mall. This activity was designed to attract and engage the corporate community.”

To generate pre-event buzz and serve as a registration tool, an online quiz was designed and promoted on FB pages. On the day of the event, participants were divided into teams of two for the preliminary written round. Top three teams from the written round, along with two wild card entry teams, battled it out in the grand finale. Runal Dahiwade, the face of Times Ascent Engineering Mastermind, was the host of the quiz. The event, with a high contestant and audience connect, featured Grand Prize worth Rs. 1 lakh, 2nd prize worth Rs. 60,000 and 3rd Prize worth Rs. 40,000.

The event was promoted through e-mailers, social media channels and poster drive around Lower Parel Area.

Here’s a glimpse!

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Times Ascent Engineering Mastermind Quiz 2013 October 5, 2013

What happens when you bring the finest minds in Engineering at one place? One thing for certain is an electric atmosphere. To celebrate Engineer’s day, commemorated annually on September 15th, Ascent Engineering Mastermind Challenge”. Ascent Engineering Mastermind is India’s biggest Inter Corporate Quiz for engineers which intend to bring together the brightest engineering minds in the country competing in a battle of wits. Teams of 2 participants competed in the zonal rounds in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Pune and winning teams from each city qualified for the National Finals in Mumbai. QuizWorks was approached by Times Ascent to design and execute the event in terms of content development and hosting. This year’s edition witnessed a new city, Pune, in addition to Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai- 3 cities that had also hosted the inaugural edition in 2012. The addition of a new city illustrates the stature of this event. The event was presented by Aditya Birla Group with VMWare as Platinum Partners, Allied Digital and Wipro as Associate Partners.

The event was promoted through print media and online media, primarily through Facebook. As a teaser to the offline event, an online contest was open to the general public through Ascent’s Facebook App. Over 1000 people took part in this contest. During the Zonal Rounds, a preliminary round was conducted to choose the top 4 teams that would battle it out at the Zonal Finals in each location. Zonal Finals consisted of 4 rounds of intense quizzing held at big auditoriums to accommodate the huge crowds. The stage set up was a work of art with good lighting systems and backdrop that contributed to the electric atmosphere. The regional rounds contained few questions catering to the local city that drew loud cheers from all present at the venues. Local quizmasters from QuizWorks enthralled the audience with their charisma and witty remarks. The competition was tight across all locations and eventually Genpact from Delhi, Infosys from Pune, Texas Instruments from Bangalore and TCS from Mumbai squared off for the National Finals at , all engineering professionals were invited to participate in the “Times

The stakes were increased during the National Finals by having innovative rounds such as Bidding and “Choose Your Topics” where teams were encouraged to be aggressive.

Ultimately, it was the team from Genpact that had the last laugh as they comprehensively outplayed all other teams with TCS finishing runners up. Winners were treated to a range of electronic gadgets like MacBook Air, iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S4, Play Station 3 and many

The National Finals was hosted by Raj Dam of QuizWorks- a renowned quizmaster in the quizzing circle. This quiz was made exclusively for the engineers- engineered and powered by QuizWorks. With its high engaging factor, this initiative is surely set to expand to other cities in the coming editions and is undoubtedly the biggest platform for engineers to showcase their knowledge.

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Kiwi Mastermind India Quiz 2013 July 21, 2013

Edu Nz, which is the lead marketing organization of New Zealand’s education industry overseas, organized two fairs during the month of April in Pune and Kochi. To develop a buzz around these fairs, QuizWorks hosted an online plus offline quiz contest called “Kiwi Mastermind India”. The online contests were featured on the Facebook pages of QuizWorks, EduNz and kiwimastermindia.com. Over 1000 people participated in these contests that carried a flavor of NewZealand Heritage too. The quizzing sessions were also extended to offline events.


On April 6th in Kochi, QuizWorks quiz master, conducted the offline event of “KiwiMastermind India” that had over 100 teams participating in the prelims. With its engaging content, the event was a rousing success. With the benchmark having been set, the caravan moved to Pune a week later where Mr. Harneet Singh, an experienced quizmaster of QuizWorks dazzled the audience with his witty one-liners. Both the quiz events featured questions that paid tribute to the rich heritage of New Zealand. And it was a treat to watch our young Indian students crack these!!! The expression on their faces said it all and winners were awarded with goodie bags, pen drives, trophies and yes, the honour of proclaiming themselves as “Kiwi Masterminds”.

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BioQuiz – A quiz event aimed at creating awareness in the field of bio-technology July 9, 2013

BioQuiz, a quiz event aimed at creating awareness in the field of bio-technology, was conducted during the month of January and February, 2013 across 4 cities in Karnataka. The quiz event was organized by the Department of IT, BT, Science and Technology, Government of Karnataka and was conducted by QuizWorks. The objective of the quiz was to create awareness and help students understand Science and Biotechnology in a more comprehensive manner by keeping them abreast of the latest developments in the world of Biotechnology. This quiz is undoubtedly India’s largest state level BioQuiz with prize money of Rs 75000 at stake for the State Champions.

With over 600 teams participating across all 4 cities i.e. Bangalore, Mysore, Belgaum and Mangalore, the event was a huge success. The quiz event was ably conducted by our very own quizmasters. Their enthusiasm kept the contestants on their feet and the audience was treated to prizes as well when it was their turn to answer. This edition saw the largest ever turnout in the event’s 4 year history and one can be assured that the event will only get bigger in the coming years by spreading to various regions in the state. QuizWorks has been associated with this quiz event since 2011 and has conducted the competition with its trademark flair.

Find below questions from the previous edition of the BioQuiz:-

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Tata Crucible Campus 2013 – North Zonal Finals Quiz questions March 27, 2013

Date – 24th March 2013

Venue – Taj Palace, New Delhi

In the new format of Crucibles, the teams winning their regional rounds had to compete at the Zonal Finals to reach National Finals in Mumbai. So after FMS Delhi won their Delhi round, they were met by seven other teams from the different cities of Northern India in the Zonal Finals. PickBrain beagn the North Zone finals with a quick recap of all eight teams. The regional rounds in North had seen some of the highest scores of the winning teams in their respective cities so PickBrain hinted that the North Zone Finals would be a tough and challenging battle and he was proved absolutely right.

The 8 teams in Zonal Finals were –

1)      Mata Vaishno Devi University, Jammu – Vedanta and Karan

2)      Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow – Arjun and Shounak

3)      National Institute of Technology, Jalandhar – Milind and Sujit 

4)      LNM Institute of Information Technology, Jaipur – Dheeraj and Nikhil

5)      Indian Institute of Science, Education and Research (IISER), Mohali – Abhishek and Shivam

6)      Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS), Pilani – Aditya and Sreejan

7)      Institute of Management and Technology (IMT), Ghaziabad – Leo Thomas and Kaustubha

8)      Faculty of Management Studies (FMS), Delhi – Arun and Hemant


The whole Zonal Finals were on buzzer ensuring that the teams would have to be on their nerves to win the quiz.

Round 2:-

  1. In 1984,  Warner sold the home computing and game console divisions of _________ to Tramiel  for $50 cash and $240 million in promissory notes and stocks, giving Warner a 20% stake in _______  Corporation. FITB.


  1. Advertisements of which product have seen these changes in the past – “100 percent use of aspartame”to “100 percent NutraSweet”to “Sweetened With Splenda”?

Ans:- Diet Coke

  1.  Heroes is a confectionery brand launched by Cadbury as response to which brand of Mars Inc?

Ans:- Celebrations

  1. Trademark of Hasbro Inc. what is defined as  a geometric drawing toy that produces mathematical roulette curves of the variety technically known as hypotrochoids and epitrochoids?

Ans:- Spirographs

Round 3:-

  1. What in the world of Tatas is Malabar Princess?

Ans:- First Plane of Air India started as Tata Airlines

  1. Which group  of Tata companies sponsors the F1 player Narain Karthikeyan?

Ans.:- Tata Tea or Tata Global Beverages

  1.  HCM, a new cloud based service has been introduced by Tata Docomo. Expand HCM.

Ans:-  Hosted Campaign Manager

  1. It was created as a joint venture between the Tata group and X in 1989. However, X went out of business in the early 1990s but the Tata group retained the X name as part of the Tata group of companies. Which Tata group of companies is being talked about?

Ans:- Tata Elxsi

Round 4:-

This was the most interesting and unique round of the quiz. In this round, every question had four images and a formula attached with it. The teams had to identify the four visuals and fit them into formula to get the mega-answer.

  1.  The four visuals –

ZooZoos + Logo of Novartis + Eric Schmidt (Current CEO) + Jeffrey Immelt (Current CEO)

Formula –  F-3 , V-2 , E-2 , I +1

Ans : vOdafone + Novartis + gooGle + general electriC = ONGC

  1. The four visuals –

Research In Motion Logo + Archies Logo + Burger King Logo + Suzlon Logo

Formula – C+2 , S-3 , R+2 , N-2

Ans : blackBerry + arcHies + burgEr + suzLon = BHEL

  1. The four visuals –

Walmart Logo + Sony Playstation + Samsung Logo + Calvin Klein Logo

Formula – T-3 , N-3 , M+3 , C+2

Ans : walMart + playstaTion + samsuNg + caLvin = MTNL

At the end of the the quiz, the scoreboard or the CQ – Crucible Quotient read as :

MVDU, Jammu – 5
IIM, Lucknow – 5
NIT, Jalandhar – 10
LNMIIT, Jaipur – 15
IIISER, Mohali – (-ve) 5
BITS, Pilani – 10
IMT, Ghaziabad – 50
FMS, Delhi – 30

IMT Ghaziabad were the last team on scoreboard with a negative of -10 at one point but they staged an outstanding comeback and won the Zonal Finals. FMS Delhi took an early lead in the quiz with 30 points and played safe in the later rounds without taking any risk.
Two teams from North Zone reached National Finals – IMT Ghaziabad and FMS Delhi.


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Tata Crucible Campus Edition [email protected] March 26, 2013

Venue:- Taj Palace

Date:- March 24th


  1. On which airline would you find “On the wings of dragon”?

Ans:- Royal Bhutan Airways/ Druk Air

  1. Which company ran a social media campaign recently “Your name on a Bean”?

Ans:- Heinz

  1. Simon, launched in 1992 was a part mobile phone, part PDA, part pager and part fax machine. Which technology giant launched this device?

Ans:- IBM

  1. Who is the author of “Essays on The Great Depression”?

Ans:- Ben Bernanke

  1. Ganesh & Ratan Jain founded this as a cassette company in the early 1980s. It was quite popular during the 80s & 90s. Which brand from the music industry are we referring to?

Ans:- Venus

  1. Which company has launched a new JV in the Indian market branded as “Telewings Communication” with Sudhir Valia’s Lakshdweep Investments & Finance as its partner?

Ans:- Telenor

  1. This US University is named after a fervid Anglican who served in the British East India Company as the Governor of Fort St. George of Madras. In 1718 he donated nine bales of goods to build the new building of that college which eventually renamed the college after him. Which University are we talking about here?

Ans:- Yale University

  1. Which Indian group bought 49.5% in BPO Firstsource for Rs. 400 crore from ICICI Bank?

Ans:- RPG Group

  1. “No matter what you want to do in life. Life takes” Ad by which credit card franchise?

Ans:- VISA

  1. In world of environmental legislation parlance, what does WEEE stand for?

Ans:- Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment

  1. TTK group & Reckitt Benckiser are going through a legal battle over control of their JV TTK-LIG. Expand LIG.

Ans:- London International Group

  1. Britain’s Penguin Books and another English language publisher recently decided to merge. Which another publisher?

Ans:- Randomhouse

  1. With which coffee chain’s origin was Amit Judge-controlled Turner Morrison involved in? The company has changed hands since being acquired by an Italian company. Identify.

Ans:- Barista Lavazza

  1. Nokia’s wireless charging device for Lumia 920 ran into controversy over naming over the bombing of Japanese cities Hiroshima & Nagasaki. Name the device.

Ans:- Fatboy

  1. This company was incorporated in 1997 as “Teleworld, Inc.” by Jim Barton & Mike Ramsay. Which company involved in the field of digital video systems?

Ans:- TiVo

  1. Who owns the ships The Esperanza, The Arctic Sunriseand The Rainbow Warrior III?

Ans:- Greenpeace Organisation

  1. Robert L “Rusty” White called Twentieth Century Confederate in order to advertise his collection of Rolls Royce & Civil War memorabilia.  Which is this luxury lifestyle magazine?

Ans:- Robb Report

  1. Through the “Million Minds” project, this German chemical company is encouraging the citizens to take a stand against corruption. Which company?

Ans:- BASF


  1. Ishit Gupta & Chirag Jain: Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies
  2. Kumar Varun & Raveesh Mayya: FMS, DU
  3. Gaurav & Sapan Gandhi: School of Inspired Leadership
  4. Anuj & Himanshu: IIFT
  5. Sunil & Rachit: JNU
  6. Arun TP & Hemant Agrawal: FMS, DU



Round 2:

  1. Which organisation has developed “High Bandwidth Content Protection”?

Ans:- Intel

  1. Mission Nutrition, Talking Tony, Coco the Monkey are games by which company?

Ans:- Kellogg’s

  1. “Ridotto” is a wing of Venice’s San Moise Palace. In 1638, it was converted at the behest of city leaders into government owned _____. It is the earliest example of such type. What?

Ans:- Casino

  1. In April 2011, Kiwi shoe-care business was sold to S.C. Johnson by which company?

Ans:- Sara Lee Corporation

 Round 3:-

  1. Tata Docomo has CRBT. What does it stand for?

Ans:- Caller Ring Back Tone

  1. Where is theTata Dhan Academy for development management training and education located?

Ans:- Madurai

  1. E&E Service solution, a TATA company, serves in which line of business?

Ans:- HR Outsourcing

  1. Mega, Zip, Kiosk stores are formats of which chain?

Ans:- Chroma

Winners: Arun TP & Hemant Agrawal: FMS, DU (Score 50)

Runner ups: Kumar Varun & Raveesh Mayya: FMS, DU (Score 35)

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